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August 22, 2014

BrainSell Scales Operations with a New Website, Placing the Emphasis on User Experience

On August 18th, BrainSell launched a new, Web 3.0 website that reflects their growing position in the software resale market. BrainSell’s new website is a highly scalable, content-centric platform that puts a renewed focus on user experience and thought leadership

PRWEB (Press Release) – August 22, 2014 – BrainSell has averaged 35% year-over-year growth since 2008. In conjunction with selling and implementing marketing automation software, BrainSell was an early adopter of inbound marketing principles. Their existing .aspx-based website was struggling to meet the needs of hundreds of articles and pages worth of inbound content. Since the launch of the new site, BrainSell reports over 100% growth in pages viewed per site visit.

View the new site here:

BrainSell has focused on refining existing content and adding new features, the most exiting being the CRM, ERP and Marketing Automation Comparison Tool:

The comparison tool quickly navigates and compares some of the most popular software platforms in the market by features, pricing and more.

In addition to the comparison tool, BrainSell features a brand new “Software Add-on” section to provide consolidated listings of their software options and ever-expanding partnerships.

View the Add-on section here:

“We now have a venue that portrays who we really are,” said Jim Ward, president and CEO of BrainSell. “BrainSell is a company full of tremendous energy and I am proud of the work our team has done to warrant a re-design. We are already seeing great results in our analytics relating to site-visit duration and amount of pages viewed.”

BrainSell has also put a focus on being more mobile-friendly and technologically responsive. One the biggest improvements on the site is the delivery of content across multiple devices and browsers.
“The amount of interest in CRM systems and business software in general necessitates that you are present yourself dynamically on any device,” said Jordan Fraczek, BrainSell’s Marketing Manager. “As our website traffic grows, we have to be mindful of improving our mobile and tablet user experience.”

For questions regarding the new site or how BrainSell can get your marketing automation to operate like theirs, call BrainSell at 978.887.3870.