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[On-Demand Webinar] Sales and Marketing Alignment: How to Accelerate Revenue and Growth

If your business is growing, you can no longer afford to ignore misalignment between sales and marketing. The lack of alignment between sales and marketing is failing businesses across the globe – costing companies more than a trillion dollars per year.

In fact, a Harvard Business Review study revealed Sales and Marketing misalignment is the number one reason why an organization’s annual revenue stagnates or, worse, declines. And the poll results from a recent webinar we hosted with HubSpot support this:

  • 67% of attendees reported they are active working on building alignment between sales and marketing but are not there yet.
  • 17% of attendees said their sales and marketing teams are like two ships passing in the night.

The bottom line: When sales and marketing aren’t aligned, both suffer causing your overall business growth to suffer.

During the virtual event, we discussed:

  • How to evaluate if you have a sales and marketing misalignment problem
  • Tips to accelerate growth and scale through sales and marketing automation
  • Tools available to support your Smarketing (Sales + Marketing) strategy
  • And much more!

Watch the recording:


Check out the slides:


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