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Interloop: Powered by Microsoft Fabric

From Data-Dark to Data-Driven

If you’re doing business in the modern day, you have a surplus of data. And it’s for the best. Past data is an indicator of future outcomes. Being data driven has never been more important and it has never been easier with Interloop.

Interloop is a modern data platform for mid-market companies across the nation. Created by seasoned data scientists and digital transformation experts, Interloop allows you to make the most out of the data already at your disposal. Interloop helps companies like yours become truly data-driven so you can make better decisions faster.

Make Your Data Work For You

Fast Dash Data Dashboards

Interloop's built-to-order data dashboard solution strips down data siloes and does away with cumbersome, confusing spreadsheets to present your KPIs in simple, intuitive visuals. Fast Dash empowers true data-driven decision making like never before.

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A Single Source of Truth

Any modern business leverages dozens of technologies for operations to run smoothly. As a result, you get multiple data hubs that can easily end up siloed and isolated from each other. Interloop is a modern solution to this modern problem.

Intuitive and future proof, Interloop users have an easy time reading, analyzing, and maintaining solid data practices as their companies grow and scale. With over 200 connectors to the tools you use everyday, these disparate programs and data siloes all come together under the same technological roof in Interloop, allowing businesses to fully capitalize on the breadth of data they collect.


The Strategy

Powered by Azure Data Services and operating in synch with the cutting-edge Microsoft Fabric, Interloop is designed to automate insights and transform businesses into data-driven organizations. It allows companies to efficiently manage and analyze their data, turning raw information into valuable business insights. The process involves extracting data from multiple sources, centralizing it into a comprehensive database, organizing, analyzing, and then automating the management of this data.


What Does Interloop Do?

Growth and Support

Support doesn’t end at launch.  After implementing your instance, our data scientists and engineers will be working with you regularly to develop a bespoke support model that makes sense for your organization. With numerous options to choose from, your experience with Interloop will be uniquely tailored to your company from start to finish.

Wherever you are in your growth journey, we can help!

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