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Infor Cloud CRM vs. Zendesk Sell: 2024 Comparison Guide

If you’re looking for a cloud-based CRM solution, you may be weighing your options between two of the most prolific providers in the space: Infor Cloud CRM vs. Zendesk Sell. Both platforms offer a wide range of features and benefits, but there are some key differences to consider when deciding which one is best for your business.

Infor Cloud CRM is a comprehensive CRM platform that offers sales, marketing, and customer service capabilities. It’s designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their customer relationships more effectively. Infor Cloud CRM includes a wide range of features, such as lead management, opportunity management, account management, contact management, and much more.

Zendesk Sell, on the other hand, is a sales CRM platform that offers a more limited set of features. It’s designed to help small businesses manage their sales processes more effectively. Zendesk Sell includes features such as contact management, lead management, and opportunity management. It doesn’t include some of the more advanced features offered by Infor Cloud CRM, such as marketing and customer service capabilities.

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Read on to uncover the key features and differences between the two.

Infor Cloud CRM


  • Integrations with business management applications, desktop productivity tools, e-marketing, and social media
  • Customer profiles and sales productivity tools
  • Analytics and proactive alerts to drive accurate forecasting
  • Cross-department data

Zendesk Sell


  • Email integration tools
  • Sales engagement tools
  • Task Player
  • Call and text
  • Smart lists and templates
  • Sequences
  • Power dialer
  • Bulk outreach
  • Sales triggers
  • Mobile App

[Download: In-Depth Comparison Guide for Infor CRM & Zendesk Sell]

Key Differences Between Infor Cloud CRM and Zendesk Sell

Pricing (per Named User/month)

  • Infor = $65,
  • Zendesk = $19-$119

Minimum License

  • Infor = 20-user minimum
  • Zendesk = no user minimum


  • Infor = Starting at 100GB (cloud Unlimited (On premises)
  • Zendesk = 10GB/User/Month

Database Type (Single s. Multi-tenant)

  • Infor = Single Tenant
  • Zendesk = Multi – Tenant

[Learn More – What’s Better: Infor CRM or Zendesk Sell?]


  • Infor = Microsoft SQL
  • Zendesk = Amazon Web Services

Reporting Capabilities

  • Infor = all included
  • Zendesk = Functionalities vary based on plan

Zendesk also had higher G2 Ratings overall in terms of ease of use, quality of support, ease of doing business with, product direction, and average customer rating.

Infor vs. Zendesk Sell: Which CRM is Right for Your Business?

When it comes to choosing the right CRM software for your business, it’s important to consider your specific needs and requirements. The best choice for you ultimately depends on your needs, objectives, and budget.

If all of this information is getting too tough to comb through, feel free to reach out for a chat! Our team would be more than happy to discuss your unique needs, challenges, and business goals. Connect with us today!

Which Platform is Right for Your Business?

Get your copy of our in-depth comparison guide so you can make a better, informed decision!


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Infor Cloud CRM vs. Zendesk Sell

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