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May 4, 2020 Business Technologies

3 Reasons Why Sugar Discover is So Unique

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By Ali Lipman

Sugar Discover is a one-of-a-kind analytics tool that proactively provides answers and insights for your most important metrics.

What makes Sugar Discover unique is that SugarCRM offers the only CX platform built on a cutting-edge event stream that time stamps every transaction along the customer journey. This allows for AI-based analysis of your historical data, as well as predictive insights into what lies ahead without any of the labor associated with legacy Business Intelligence tools similar to Tableau.

Sugar Discover can also pro-actively alert you when key metrics are trending outside of predicted ranges and give you insights on trends that are important even when you are not sure what to ask. It is available as an add-on for Sugar Sell and Enterprise customers.  

Here are just three ways that Sugar Discover is so unique in the marketplace:  

1) It is Time-based

The single most important differentiator of Sugar Discover is its ability to analyze changes to your data, even if the time is variable or indeterminate. While most CRM reporting can show you the state-of-the-nation when it comes to your data today, Sugar Discover accesses each save event along the customer journey to give maximum insight into how your data has changed or may change.   

Think about metrics beginning with questions such as, “how much time do opportunities spend in each stage?” or, “Is sales velocity increasing or decreasing?” These questions are usually difficult to answer using CRM reporting or Microsoft Excel because the time period is indeterminate. In other words, you are looking at arbitrary time changes and not changes that occur from month to month or year over year. This is true for trend metrics that begin with questions such as, “at which stages is velocity improving or degrading?” or “How is our win rate trending over time?”   

Likewise, historical comparisons such as “how is the pipeline for the current month changing week to week?” are traditionally difficult using CRM reporting. The best time-based CRM tools usually can only look at specific periods for one data point. For example, “how did the value of my pipeline change year over year.” These tools cannot tell you what comprised that pipeline or what within that pipeline had the most significant contribution to that change. While CRM reporting is historically unable to analyze history on stage transitions, and it cannot track the time spent in stages, you can accomplish all of this with Sugar Discover.   

2) It is Automated

Sugar Discover automatically captures time-stamped data to allow users to see trends and forecast ahead. This is useful for questions like, “How much time does it take for a new salesperson to scale up?” or “How should I forecast my customer retention rate?” It continuously monitors KPIs and automatically surfaces insights about crucial business metrics.  

The Insight Feed is the feature of Sugar Discover that will appeal most to high-level executives who want to understand essential business trends quickly. Some examples are idle opportunities, days in stage, and win rate trend. Insights will alert users if patterns lie outside the predicted value and automatically surface the root cause without the need for hours of analysis. Discover Insights answer questions before you even know to ask them and can alert you to problems and opportunities for growth.  

3) It is Simple

Because Sugar Discover is purpose-built for Market, Sell, and Serve, it boasts the fastest time to value in the marketplace. You will see value from this tool in days rather than months, as is common with most business intelligence solutions. Also, comparable solutions offered by vendors like can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to deploy and still cannot deliver true time-aware capabilities.   

Business metrics begin with tough questions. Most businesses are doing a good job capturing data. Still, during a deployment, we partner with you to uncover your most difficult issues and access the insights hidden within your data. Also, Sugar Discover comes preloaded with hundreds of high-value metrics, analytics, and KPIs.   

Sugar Discover also offers the simplicity of ongoing use and maintenance. Its interactive analysis allows non-technical users to understand insights. The report builder is drag-and-drop (no SQL necessary), includes robust filtering and collaboration capabilities, and uncovers insights as you build. It does not require a degree in data science to run and eliminates the IT infrastructure of data warehouses, ETL tools, and costly upgrades.  

As part of the Sugar portfolio, the roadmap includes continued cloud innovation, no-touch automation, and (as always), a solemn commitment to the customer experience.

It’s one thing to hear about it! See it in action in this demo by BrainSell EVP Kevin Cook:  

Here at BrainSell, we are thrilled to offer Sugar Discover as part of the Sugar Customer Experience Portfolio. This tool will allow your company to create more accurate forecasts, identify sales and marketing opportunities quickly, and identify issues in your funnel. All of this results in more predictable revenue, improved agility, and speed of business. Want to improve your business outcomes? Contact us today.

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Ali Lipman

Ali Lipman joined BrainSell in 2018. With her aptitude for building strong client relationships as well as her enthusiasm and vast knowledge about software solutions she has completely reshaped her Customer Success Management role and continues to provide superior customer success.

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