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January 19, 2022 Business Technologies

5 Reasons Sugar On-Prem Users Should Move to the Cloud

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By Brian Anderson

It is important to stay competitive, and staying competitive means constantly adapting to new challenges and embracing innovation. But what if your company’s software doesn’t support the latest technology?

We often see it happen with our clients using on-premise technology for their SugarCRM instance. What if your IT department can’t move as quickly as you need them to? And what about all those time-consuming updates that keep coming with every new release?

If this sounds familiar, then read on! The Cloud doesn’t need to be a scary place; we can help teach you how to use it effectively without any fear of the unknown. This article explores five reasons why SugarCRM users can move to the Cloud and gain a wealth of added benefits.

1. You Get More for Your Money

Pricing is always a factor when deciding to move to the Cloud. With SugarCRM, licenses cost the same for cloud-based instances and on-premise environments.

However, Sugar offers various benefits to cloud-based users, like incorporating updates and upgrade fees into the license cost. These fees tend to be expensive for on-premise users.

Long story short: with the same amount of money you already spend for your on-premise license, you can receive much more by bringing your instance to the Cloud!

2. Increase Employee Efficiency

A move to the Cloud also positions your employees to do their jobs better! With on-premise CRM instances, your colleagues are tied to the system. It may mean that they have to work at the office to gain the information they need or use expensive Intranet portals that can be slow and cumbersome.

Bringing your Sugar instance to the Cloud lets your employees work wherever they need to work. This benefit has become almost a necessity given the ongoing pandemic and how many younger generations in the workforce expect a flexible remote-work policy.

The cloud gives employees the tools they need to work how they want to work and better positions them to get the job done!

3. Security

In the early days of cloud computing, the main concern with moving CRM instances to the Cloud was little insight into how it impacted its data compliance.

SugarCRM has done extensive work with hosting their cloud instances on Amazon Web Services and adding features and functionality that better positions companies to control how they use their data across the organization.

More user control in the Cloud keeps data safe and secure!

4. Reduce Fear of Data Loss

One notable fact about on-premise tech infrastructure is that you have more control of the data. However, businesses must trade a bit of protection for that control. Unless your IT team is on clear and constant alert, there is always the chance that something can knock out your database, and you lose all the valuable data and insights you’ve collected over the years.

With a move to the Cloud, you gain built-in safety, knowing that you can back up your data regularly to reduce any risk of losing your data.

5. Faster, Consistent Deployment

Current on-premise Sugar users are most likely aware that updates or upgrades are a tedious and manual process. Instead of letting the platform do the work, your company must stay on top of updates. If a few updates are skipped, there is always a chance that the platform might stop working correctly. It can lead to expensive upgrades that can take days or weeks.

With cloud-based Sugar instances, upgrades and deployment can take hours instead of days. And again, it’s included in your license price! You get to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology so you can focus on growing your business.


SugarCRM has done great work to make its cloud-based CRM the best on the market. They’ve added features and functionality that better positions companies in data compliance, security, employee efficiency, and much more!

Are you thinking about a move to the Cloud for your SugarCRM instance? Reach out to us, and we’ll share our expert opinion on how this switch can help your business grow and scale.

Thinking of Moving to the Cloud?

Let BrainSell help you understand what it takes to make the move to the Cloud and find true value in your CRM!


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