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June 22, 2020 Customer Experience

COVID-19 Customer Spotlight: The Good Feet Group

By Heather Mellinger

During a pandemic, many companies are electing to help their customers and communities make it through. Our client, The Good Feet Group, shares their inspiring story of how the coronavirus altered their business model, and how they’ve managed to adapt and offer support to their community.


In January of 2012, Jonathan Cotten could only run a mile or two at a time. By the end of that same year, after discovering The Good Feet and purchasing proper arch support for his running shoes, the now President of The Good Feet Group finished his first marathon.

“I came back and told the owner I had never had a product transform my life like that,” said Cotten, “and she looked at me, and she said, you want to buy the place? And so I did.”

Since that day, The Good Feet Group continues to work to improve not only foot pains caused by a myriad of arch support-related issues but also posture and physical fitness abilities of their clients. With over 100 individually owned and operated stores nationwide and more than 300 different styles and sizes, their arch support systems have helped individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

Due to the custom nature of these systems, getting fitted for an arch support system is an in-person experience. When COVID-19 broke out in February, The Good Feet Group had to restructure their business plan to help ensure they could continue assisting their clients and give back to their communities.

“When [COVID-19] happened, we had to go back and just kind of reformat how we approach the whole sales process, the demos, everything,” said VP of Sales Jarrin Cotten. “We were closed for six weeks.”

When they reopened their stores, they implemented strict protocols around how to engage with a customer and standardizing precautionary measures to work with the new laws.

During this time, The Good Feet Group also jumped on giving back to their community, namely their healthcare workers.

The Good Feet Group Nurse's Appreciation Week

Source: The Good Feet Group Facebook Page

“We started doing a promotion primarily directed at nurses, but it also included other healthcare workers,” said Jonathon Cotten. “So for Nurse Appreciation Week, [healthcare workers] could contact us and come into demo arch supports and get a free shoe. We had the chance to meet a lot of nurses, and it was really cool to be able to express our appreciation to them in a very demonstrative way instead of just writing a check, we actually got to engage with them.”

During Nurse Appreciation Week, The Good Feet Group worked with approximately 500 nurses and gave away over $50,000 worth of arch support systems in the D.C. area.

While COVID-19 continues to affect individuals worldwide, companies across the globe are doing their part to help alleviate the impact. BrainSell is proud to work with moving companies like The Good Feet Group, who continue to give back to their communities in crisis times. Thank you, The Good Feet Group — your work does not go unnoticed!

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Heather Mellinger

Heather Mellinger joined BrainSell in 2019 as the digital marketing coordinator. With experience in public relations, marketing, and graphic design, Heather assists with content and further developing the BrainSell voice.

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