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August 27, 2018 Customer Experience

Creating A Journey Your Customers Deserve

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By Ali Lipman

Close your eyes and think of a customer experience that left you smiling. Here’s mine: I recently enrolled in a workshop and was impressed by their personalized nurture campaign that not only turned me into a paying customer, but made me interested in their other offerings. I received relevant content by email (yes, I actually clicked through to it), and a personal phone call by a sales representative who understood my goals.

It was obvious to me that this was a fine-tuned sales process and it got me thinking about how customer data can be used to predict desired outcomes. We know that creating bullet-proof, revenue-driving processes is paramount, but how can we then guide customers through the processes and deliver results?

Enter: SugarCRM’s Customer Journey Plugin. Developed by Addoptify with the help of Phil Winters, an esteemed customer strategist, the Customer Journey Plugin allows you to create and follow unified business processes from within SugarCRM. Here’s how it can benefit you.

Map Your Customer Journey

The business world is abuzz with the new trend of customer journey mapping – but what is it? Simply put, a customer journey map is a model of a typical customer experience throughout a business process. For example, if your company provides software services, your customer may go through an onboarding process that has several steps, such as a welcome email, a project kickoff meeting, and implementation. The purpose of a customer journey map is to give your team the resources they need to provide an excellent customer experience as they progress through this process.

customer journey

This template is used to track the progress in a customer retention program. The Customer Journey Plugin uses existing Sugar functionality like Tasks and Meetings to integrate seamlessly into user workflow.

Which of your internal processes could benefit from standardization? Business processes can be complex and vary by product, region, or type of customer. SugarCRM’s Customer Journey Plugin makes it easy to create templates from your processes and assign them to a Sugar record with a few simple clicks. Users can then visually track the customer’s progress throughout the journey.

Set up is easy, so if you’re a customer journey mapping novice, you have nothing to fear! The Customer Journey Plugin comes with several journey map templates to get you off on the right foot. In addition, you can contact your BrainSell Customer Success Manager to discuss customer journey mapping consulting services for custom templates.

Improve Sales Velocity

Sales velocity is the measure of how quickly your sales team generates revenue. It’s calculated based on the speed at which deals move through your pipeline and how much revenue they generate during a specific time period. How can SugarCRM Customer Journey Plugin help improve sales velocity?

The Customer Journey Plugin features a customer decision indicator chart with a workflow panel, which is a visualization of tasks to complete before customers advance to the next stage in the journey. With effective templates, your processes will transform into a well-oiled machine. Not only can users see which tasks they are responsible for, management can also see customer progress and use this for forecasting and resource allocation. By eliminating internal delays, you can be assured of each action taken by stakeholders across departments to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Automate Your Workflow

You can leverage the advanced workflow functionality in SugarCRM Enterprise to pair automation with your customer journey templates. This means you can automatically create tasks, send email reminders, and open cases as events in your customer journey occur. With automation you can create accountability, reduce risk, and save time (time is money, after all).

In addition, you can now take your sales and service offerings even further with SugarCRM’s Productivity Suite that combines SugarCRM Enterprise with Hint for relationship intelligence and with Customer Journey for processes mapping. This bundled offering is one of the best sales enablement offerings around. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

The Bottom Line

Now close your eyes again. That customer service experience that left you smiling? With SugarCRM’s Customer Journey Plugin, you can infuse your business processes with the ingredients for an outstanding customer experience — every time.

Interested in learning more?Check out our on-demand webinar on the Customer Journey Plugin.

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