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July 12, 2017 Business Technologies

Sell Like a Boss With Your CRM

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By Sonja Fridell

“People will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections. And computers are about trying to murder you in a lake. And to me the choice is easy.”

– Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin

Michael Scott was onto something

Michael Scott, crack salesperson turned branch manager, in the American television series, The Office, used all sorts of tricks for nurturing personal connections with his clients. His rolodex of index cards for example, contained not only core information about each client, but meticulous color-coded notes, listing personal information about each one such as their birthdate, name of their spouse and recaps of past conversations. Going into sales meetings, Michael was equipped with what he believed to be the essential sales tool: aggregated customer information. In the end, life and business are about relationships and knowing your customers is critical to sales success. Lucky for us, Michael Scott’s personalized customer approach can now be fully actualized through digital automation.

Capture information effortlessly

Since more and more business is conducted via phone in this digital age, capturing and analyzing phone data is critical for business success. It takes the Michael Scott approach and ramps it up exponentially, or…Tenfold. Imagine being able to consolidate every system of record into a real-time 360-degree view of your customers? Tenfold integrates your phone system and voice analytics with your other systems of record. Tenfold describes their software this way: “Running a modern day business is like having a bad set of windshield wipers in a storm, you get 20% visibility into the activity that your team is doing and not enough to really know what is going on. Tenfold installs a new set of windshield wipers that gives you 100% visibility into your business.”

How does it fit in with CRM?

Tenfold integrates with top CRM’s: Sugar, Salesforce and MicrosoftDynamics. Simple to configure and implement. The best part is how it improves the performance of your CRM and your sales team.

The ultimate sales tool

Tenfold’s top features are aggregated, automated and actionable tools. Automated dialing, easy logging of sales call notes and mobile capture make for enthusiastic adoption by sales. A dictionary of commonsensical terms published helps create actions based on what words you type. These actions lead to capturing intelligence, making deeper connections and closing deals. The system automatically captures every business call, email, text, and chat on your existing enterprise system without manual input. Tenfold aggregates systems of record from all departments into a Universal Data Layer (UDL) in real time and displays a single unified view of all aggregated customer information.


Sales reps can put their color-coded index cards away! The actionable customer intelligence is available in-context when it matters the most—during the sales call. All this functionality adds up to incredible ROI. Companies are realizing big results: gains in outbound sales volume, valuable intelligence and actionable insights which lead to deeper connections, bigger pipelines and faster closings. We think even Michael Scott would have approved.

Want to find out more? Watch our recent webinar here.

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Sonja Fridell

Sonja is very active in architecting CRM, ERP and marketing automation solutions for clients across North America. As an ex-journalist, she is adept at exploring a client’s needs and coming up with cutting edge, elegant solutions that fit, drive adoption, and create real results.

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