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December 5, 2017 General

The 2018 Tech Revolution

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By Brainsell Editorial Team

One thing is for sure, the advancements in big data are leaving some “old school” CXO’s feeling a bit left out. Historically data gathering, analyzing and reporting and has been a manual process for most, you’ll see people running around with tired eyes and pivot tables begging for a better way. Have you ever been in a meeting when leadership finally understands that data silos are the reason the business isn’t scaling? Grab some popcorn and watch the mayhem unfold.

Tools like Birst and ClicData are on the front lines, helping organizations break down data silos linking the entire organization within a network of live-time analytics. Birst, an enterprise level solution, offers 5 business scenario tools including Networked BI, Sales Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Embedded BI and Supply Chain Analytics.

ClicData, an SMB, and Mid-Market solution offers a more verticalized approach with a strong foothold in retail, academic, healthcare/pharma, human resources, and project management applications. ClicData also touts a strong mobile feature as well as data warehousing, interactive dashboards, scheduling, and alerts.


Both of these tools are specifically engineered to break down the data silos between departments creating a kinetic business ready for the future. Here at BrainSell, ClicData is used to show our key performance indicators on a TV in our main bullpen, we measure MQL’s, SQL’s and sales metrics to make sure we have a clear understanding of how we are doing.

In 2017 we saw the definition of big data and for industries like manufacturing the need to incorporate advanced analytics and integrate MES systems thus allowing managers to become more strategic in the day-to-day operations of factories and plants. Manufacturers are also ramping up their AI practices developing robotic operating systems, leveraging data to make smart, precise, automated decisions keeping the competition in the past.

CEO’s that are concerned with government regulations and maximizing production of high-quality products don’t have time to wait for excel reports, they need data now, from anywhere in the world without waiting.

Are you ready to harness big data? Ready to smash down the walls between departments? Let’s get connected and find out how many hours are being spent on data gathering and what the ROI of something like Birst or ClicData can be expected for your organization – Click here.


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