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March 24, 2022 Business Technologies

Building a Tech Stack That Revolutionizes Your Sales Approach

By Guest, Aircall

Creating memorable experiences for prospects and customers alike is perhaps the most underrated resource of a sales team.

Last year, 41.2% of salespeople agreed that the phone is still the most effective sales tool at our disposal. And with so much relying on a call, it makes sense for these conversations to be as meaningful as possible.

Yet disjointed processes and tech stacks mean satisfaction can be the last thing sales teams feel when they get their daily calls underway.

Prioritizing your sales process and the customer experience when building your tech stack can be a considerable win-win for your business. Bringing efficiencies in while driving repeated tasks out? That’s something we can all agree on.

What Customer Satisfaction Looks Like for Sales

So what does customer satisfaction look like for your sales team?

Whether closing deals, hitting targets, generating revenue, or reconnecting your teams, it can be found in a number of touchpoints across your sales operations.

For us, the essentials of customer satisfaction in sales are:

  • Keeping your team’s routine simple and free of repetition
  • Ensuring every call is backed up with the information needed for personalized, human conversations
  • Feeding your team’s confidence with quality feedback and autonomy in their role
  • Building the perfect playbook and clear processes for a team to achieve success

Done right, it can trim the fat from customer conversations, and whatever time was wasted on admin-heavy tasks, can be reinvested into forging better relationships with the person on the other end of the line.

The Perfect Tech Stack for Sales Teams

So how do we build the right tech stack for high-performing sales teams?

Well, for us, it’s about starting with the core improvements you want to see within your team and then diagnosing the right tech to make them happen.

If it sounds simple, then that’s another upside to this tech stack.

1. Increasing Team Productivity

Your team’s time is a valuable resource. And ensuring it’s not drained by consuming processes and repetitive tasks means they can focus on what they do best and respond faster to sales queries. A valuable attribute when you consider 35–50% of sales go to those who reply first to a customer inquiry.

  • Power dialingTake the pain out of a long list of outbound calls by automatically queuing numbers from your CRM system instead of copying and pasting from multiple applications (a risky and error-prone undertaking).
  • Click to dialAnother feature that saves precious time by allowing your virtual phone system to call numbers directly within emails or web pages. The seconds saved on each amounts to a lot of time claimed back for your team.
  • CRM integration. A huge time-saver, this not only means your calls are automatically logged. It also means your team’s sales flow isn’t interrupted.

2. Upgrading the Onboarding Experience

Without properly being able to coach your sales team, you can waste time on inefficiencies and missteps. Further, teams recruiting and recovering from “the Great Resignation” will need to onboard new hires quickly and confidently.

  • Live call monitoring. This feature means you can listen in on your team’s calls when they happen, monitoring from your own live feed.
  • Whisper functionsMentorship doesn’t have to wait until the call is over, with a function that offers real-time support and non-disruptive coaching. This can show the immediate benefits of your advice in-call without the customer being alerted.
  • Call recording. This offers a more comprehensive way to give feedback and can help you better tailor training, identify areas of improvement, and see what went right with a sale.

3. Creating the Perfect Playbook

When it comes to tech stacks, customer satisfaction can be driven by integrations. Take Aircall customer Factorial, which integrated all its sales calls with its CRM system and built a living, breathing playbook from it. With the right integration, this is easy and hugely beneficial to assess your performance and onboard new team members.

  • AI transcription tools. Once a huge time-drain, tools such as, Modjo, Avoma, and Refract can do the transcribing for you and give you the material to put best practice down on paper and share with your whole team.

4. Giving Reps More Autonomy

Even with the best playbook, you should make room for autonomy, which is a key driver of motivation, performance, and well-being.

  • Intuitive dashboards. With clear metrics such as calls logged, calls missed, and wait times for customers, having this hub can mean team members build their own road to progress.
  • Business hours. With a sales rep able to set their business hours, you ensure their number will only ring when it’s there to be answered, giving them clear boundaries and avoiding customer frustration when no one picks up.
  • Drag and drop IVR settingInteractive Voice Response (IVR) options have always allowed sales teams to bring personalization to their calls and define caller journeys. But the best software will allow you to do this simply with user-friendly drag and drop. As a result, it’s never been easier to avoid long caller waiting times and keep your customers from having to repeat themselves.

5. Facilitating Remote Environments

It should come as no surprise that factoring in remote and hybrid environments is now a requirement for all businesses.

If we’re talking about customer satisfaction being your team’s north star, then your sales approach must translate to a remote environment, with two-thirds of people wanting to work flexibly when the pandemic is over.

A cloud-based calling system is the key to enabling this and keeping your sales team connected in any location. Further, ensuring your tech stack keeps your reps productive and motivated at a distance is essential to stay ahead of the curve.

A revolutionary tech stack really is a win-win for your business.

Having the right one for your team can improve their job satisfaction and their ability and determination to meet targets.

It can offer your senior team new and innovative ways to assess performance and identify improvements. In addition, it can give your team the autonomy to find their own path to success. Whereas for your customers, it can make a conversation more meaningful and memorable and likelier to convert to a sale. If all this sounds good, why not start building yours today?

Find out how Aircall can help your sales team reach their goals by trying our industry-leading cloud-based voice solution for free today.



This article originally published on the Aircall blog.

Find out how Aircall can help your sales team reach their goals.

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