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January 3, 2019 General

Business Resolutions for 2019

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By Brainsell Editorial Team

The confetti has settled. The holiday season is officially in the rearview mirror. Now is the perfect time to look ahead and set your goals for 2019.

Over cheers with friends and families this week, you may have shared your resolutions for 2019 – exercising more, calling your mother more often, spending less time on social media – but what about professional resolutions? What do you hope to achieve this year that will give you a sense of purpose in the workplace?

We asked the BrainSell team and got a number of great responses. Here are some of our resolutions that you can adopt for yourself in the coming year.


Leadership Resolutions

My resolution is to lead with a noble purpose in my daily work life. To me, this means shifting some of my focus from revenue to being a thought leader who can offer the social, emotional, and moral guidance needed to improve business operations, so we can deepen customer relationships. I will help employees adopt better approaches to engaging with clients and support them by reframing our company-wide missions, values, and processes – to better reflect our goal of bettering the lives of our customers. 

Theresa Conway, COO



I will try to be less reactive and more proactive as an industry leader by expanding my social media presence. I’ve always wanted to develop a playful online persona as a mysterious know-it-all of ERP technology solutions and innovation to offer a fun channel for finance professionals to learn more.

Kellie Pitt, Vice President of ERP



I want to be more available to my employees. If they succeed, we all succeed. When things get crazy, internal requests can be ignored or put to the side. I don’t want this to happen in 2019!

Sonja Fridell, President


Sales and Service Resolutions



My 2019 resolution is to create more mutual value in my sales to prospects and customers. To me, value is not monetary. Value comes from stronger interpersonal relationships and helping my customers succeed.

Garrett Hogan, Account Executive



I resolve to work harder with colleagues to set better project timelines and stick to them. We know that projects can and do go sideways, but that’s not a good reason to divert from the timeline. This year, I will work with colleagues to set realistic project timelines – and if the’re missed, we will document the reasons and adjust accordingly.

Susan Shapiro, Customer Support Director


networking for introverts

My resolution is to be a go-to partner who will guide clients through process and product changes. This year, I want my sales to positively impact my customers in terms of their business technology strategy. I want to understand how they define success and help them reach their desired outcomes and overcome challenges.

Ali Lipman, Customer Success Manager




Personal Performance Resolutions

I resolve to not just rely on the same old tried-and-true methods. I’m going to try at least one new marketing tactic per quarter and track performance as it relates to our lead generation goals.

Sarah Reed, Director of Marketing




In 2019, I resolve to sell better by identifying why I struggled in 2018. Instead of harping on not achieving the past goals I set for myself, I’m using the new year as an opportunity to reflect on what I did or didn’t do differently that may have contributed to roadblocks. Maybe this means I will develop a new approach to my process, invest in professional development, or simply take a deep breath and listen more to my intuition.

Kevin Cook, Executive Vice President


Did you make a resolution for the new year? What do you hope to accomplish in 2019? Share in the comments section below!


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