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Frequently Asked Questions: BrainSell’s Sugar Sell FAQ

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By Brainsell Editorial Team

Sugar Sell is a powerful CRM tool that helps businesses streamline their sales processes. BrainSell works with various clients that adopted Sugar Sell as their CRM. However, several common questions arise when educating users on how to make the most of their Sugar Sell investment.

To help answer those questions concisely, we created a quick FAQ for Sugar Sell. Read on to learn more:

Question: “How do I set up a Sugar license for a new user on Sugar Sell?”

  1. Log in as the admin and navigate the administration page.
  2. Select “SugarCloud Settings.”
  3. When the user list displays, ensure the user you’re trying to add isn’t already active on the list.
  4. Under the “User” tab in the top navigation, select “Create New User.”
  5. Enter the user’s profile information, and ensure that the “Send email to user” box is NOT checked.
  6. Set the user status to “active,” user type to “regular user,” and license type as “Sell Premier.”
  7. At the bottom of the form, click “Save” when finished.

Watch this video to learn how to create a new user in Sugar Sell!

Question: “Can I reduce my license count before my renewal date?”

You cannot reduce your license count until it is time to renew.

Question: “Can I add licenses from the admin panel?”

You cannot purchase or add licenses from the admin panel. However, you can add a user from the admin panel if you have unused licenses.

If you need more licenses, contact your CSM and tell them how many licenses you need. From there, they will send an invoice for the prorated cost of the new licenses. Once the invoice is paid, the licenses can be activated, and users can be added from the admin panel.

Question: “My validation key expired: what do I do?”

To address expired validation keys:

  1. Go into the Admin Panel
  2. Go to License Management
  3. Click “Revalidate License”

Question: “Is there a way to report the time duration between two activities in a record?”

At this time, Sugar Sell cannot report the time duration between two activities in a record. However, add-on reporting tools like can!

Watch this video to learn more about!

Question: “How do I create and manage a Sugar Sell dashboard?”

To create a dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Sugar logo in the top left and click, then select “Create Dashboard.”
  2. Give the dashboard an appropriate name and select “Save.”
  3. Once the dashboard is created, select the button “Add Dashlet” in the center of your dashboard page.
  4. Select the dashlet you want to include in your dashboard and press “Save.”
  5. Once you have a dashlet saved on your dashboard, you can configure/add/edit dashlets in the burger icon in the bottom right of the dashboard.

To manage your dashboards and make them available to your team:

  1. Navigate to the Sugar logo in the top left and then select “Manage Dashboards.”
  2. Click on your dashboard in the list that populates.
  3. In the “Teams” section, change it from your name to “Global” to make the dashboard available to your entire team.
  4. Then hit “Save.”

Watch this video to learn how to create and manage Sugar Sell dashboards!

Question: “I received a storage overage email from Sugar. What should I do?”

First, determine if the storage overage is related to the File System, Database Storage, or both.

BrainSell can typically truncate database tables inside your Sugar instance related to already completed processes if your database storage is over. This may reduce your database storage by enough to become compliant.

There is no easy way to decrease your file system storage once it has reached its limit. File system storage includes all of your real data. All email messages, attachments, notes, and other records are kept here. It’s not ideal to delete this because doing so is difficult. You can delete file system data created before a specified cut-off date, but this is not best practice and is highly unrecommended.

Contact your CSM to discuss storage limitations and how to best alleviate your issues!

Question: “Sugar Sell is displaying incorrectly, with missing layouts, fields, and views that are normally there. What can I do?”

Step 1 – Clear your cache.

Go to your browser settings and clear your cookies and site data. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, go to step two.

Step 2 – Ask your admin to perform a quick repair/rebuild.

A quick repair and rebuild should be performed after significant changes have been made to your instance of Sugar. If you notice inconsistencies with module layouts or fields after making modifications within Studio, running this repair option should be the first course of action taken to correct the issues. It is a helpful troubleshooting step that will not negatively affect your instance.

If you are still running into issues, be sure to submit a support ticket, and the BrainSell team will assist you!

Question: “Why can’t I log in to Sugar Sell?”

This can be caused by several reasons:

  • You exceeded the number of cookies allowed for the domain.
  • Your website is creating cookies with the same name as the Sugar cookie.
  • Your password needs to be updated.

Check out this article to learn more about troubleshooting Sugar Sell login issues.

Question: “While using Sugar Sell, I get unexpectedly logged out of the system. What should I do?”

When a user does not perform any actions in Sugar for a period of time, the user is automatically logged out. The default setting for Sugar is one hour of inactivity before you are logged out.

You can also configure the Refresh Token Lifetime and Access Token Lifetime settings to best meet your organization’s needs. Read this article to learn more!

Also, if you share a username with a colleague, you will be logged out if they log in on a different computer. The best way to avoid this is to not share login credentials.

Question: “I am getting an internal server error 500, or the page cannot be displayed. What should I do?”

If you are an administrator, try running a Quick Repair and Rebuild, which often resolves general issues.

If the repair does not resolve your SugarCloud instance’s symptoms, please submit a support ticket and state which page or action is failing and which users are affected.

Not Finding the Answer?

BrainSell is here to help with all your Sugar Sell questions. Submit a support ticket and we’d be more than happy to get you the answers you need so you can focus on growing your business.


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Submit a Support Ticket!

BrainSell is here to help with all your Sugar Sell questions. Submit a support ticket and we'd be more than happy to get you the answers you need so you can focus on growing your business.

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