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CRM Contender Series: Salesforce vs. HubSpot

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Maximizing Revenue with Sugar Sell & Sugar Market: An AI-Powered Approach

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Take the AI-powered approach to maximize revenue with Sugar Market and Sugar Sell.

Sugar Market and Sugar Sell create a powerful duo. Let’s close the marketing loop with sales. That means you can track your prospect and customer behaviors across the entire customer lifecycle, leading to more timely handoffs to sales and the ability to discover repeat business opportunities to drive even greater revenue per customer.

This on-demand webinar dives into Sugar Market and how it, paired up with Sugar Sell, enhances your teams’ sales + marketing strategy, ultimately leading to company growth.

During this virtual event our experts discussed:

  • How to use Sugar Sell reports for Sugar Market to reach your most interested customers
  • The updated Sugar Market Customer Journey view in Sugar Sell to empower sellers with marketing engagement information
  • How to use Dynamic Email functionality in Sugar Market to hyper-personalize marketing campaigns
  • Sneak peek into upcoming Q4 features for Sugar Market

Fill out the form to view the recording!

Fill out the form to view the recording!

Meet the Sugar Market Experts

Jenna Carrillo

Customer Success Manager, BrainSell

Garrett Hogan wearing a black blazer and white button-up shirt. Garrett Hogan wearing a black blazer and white button-up shirt.

Garrett Hogan

VP of Customer Experience, BrainSell

John Zilch

Senior Director of Product Management, Sugar Market

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