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September 3, 2014

Act-On and BrainSell Form Service Partnership to Increase Resale Visibility

Longtime software reseller BrainSell adds Act-On marketing automation software to their suite of automation options. Act-On is one of the most rapidly growing automation solutions providers in the country.

Topsfield, MA (PRWEB) September 03, 2014

Act-On marketing automation software promises to be much more than just an email marketing platform. Having already established almost 20 service/resale partnerships, BrainSell saw a golden opportunity to partner with Act-On since BrainSell has a staff of highly conceptual marketing and process professionals.

BrainSell recently launched a marketing automation comparison tool on their newly renovated website, allowing users the ability to quickly compare Act-On to the most popular automation platforms on the market:

In addition to the comparison tool, BrainSell has laid out the benefits and features of Act-On automation software on their own Act-On homepage:

Visitors to the site can request free Act-On trials and learn more about the product as it compares to HubSpot, Pardot and more. BrainSell maintains their non-bias, objective approach by diversifying the brands they migrate and implement.

“Act-On has been building a brand with small and mid-market companies in mind,” said Jim Ward, president and CEO of BrainSell. “Their support team and tools foster an actionable user experience, which is always amongst the first things we look for in a software platform.”

Some of Act-On’s capabilities include:

  •     World-class email marketing abilities.
  •     SEO friendly landing page builders.
  •     Integration to many of the most popular CRM platforms.
  •     Lead generation and actionable nurturing capabilities.

Act-On links right up to many popular CRM solutions. Because BrainSell also specializes in CRM solutions, they can provide even more support where other service providers may not have the knowledge base.

During an interview with Customer TV, an online CRM publication, Act-On CEO Raghu Raghavan lays out how CRM relates to marketing automation:

“Make sure that you don’t do anything with marketing automation without involving your salespeople,” said Raghavan. “I really believe that sales and marketing alignment is like a subtext to this whole thing — if marketing automation is to succeed, the salespeople need to see the value.”

To explore Act-On and how it relates to other marketing automation platforms, visit BrainSell’s website at the links above.