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April 10, 2019

BrainSell Adopts New Sales Methodology Guided by Sales Expert, Lisa McLeod

Boston-based business consultancy embraces purpose-driven business philosophy; forms relationship with bestselling author of “Selling with Noble Purpose.” 

TOPSFIELD, MA (April 10, 2019) – BrainSell, a value-added reseller specializing in end-to-end business technologies and consulting and implementation services, has adopted customer-centric sales strategies and business philosophies espoused in the book Selling with Noble Purpose by Lisa McLeod. McLeod urges readers to develop a noble selling purpose (NSP) and reorient their businesses toward that purpose and better serve customers 

As part of the roll out of this new approach, all BrainSell employees have read McLeod’s book. The leadership team hosts a bi-weekly book club luncheon with employees to discuss two new chapters each session. The BrainSell NSP, developed over three companywide brainstorming sessions, is to help companies thrive by solving their business challenges with guidance and technology. 

“After several discussions and votes, we created our NSP together to articulate how we make a difference to our customers,” says COO Theresa Conway. “It touches every aspect of our business.”

 BrainSell’s leadership team is spearheading adoption efforts by:  

  • Changing dialogue with prospects and customers by starting conversations with broader questions about the customer’s challenges, priorities, objectives, business environment, and personal fears or hopes. This encourages understanding of what their success looks like, and what their lack of success looks like.  
  • Adding mandatory fields into BrainSell’s CRM platform to capture answers to these questions and probing understanding of each of these key areas during weekly sales meetings.  
  • Defining and improving internal processes for training/best practices handbooks by starting and ending workflows with steps toward the customer’s progress. 
  • Creating NSP-driven scorecard metrics such as net promoter score and employee engagement surveys to track NSP implementation and provide more value to customers.  
  • Adopting a more holistic view of customers by focusing on more than one department and understanding other department functions in their organizations. 
  • Sharing copies of Selling with Noble Purpose to partners, vendors, and customers who express interest in understanding BrainSell’s sales philosophy. 

 BrainSell and McLeod initially connected through social media when McLeod responded to a Twitter post of a BrainSell video about these companywide efforts. They will co-host webinar about purpose-driven sales strategies together on April 24th 2019. (See event details below). 

“We’re excited about this collaborative partnership with McLeod,” says President Sonja Fridell. “Her book helped us shift our sales approach from focusing on company numbers and revenue to focusing on improving the lives of customers. The results have been extremely rewarding. We look forward to helping other businesses make this shift as well.”

According to McLeod, this shift away from a quantitative to a qualitative approach is the key to noble selling. “Measuring money does not produce money. [Money] is the output of a multifaceted ecosystem,” says McLeod. “We must not confuse the result with the process. Great organizations like BrainSell are driven by qualitative strategies; their success is measured by quantitative results.”

Event Details
What: Webinar – Engaging Your Sales Team With Purpose and Technology
When: April 24th at 2:00 p.m. ET (11:00 a.m. PT)
Who should attend: Executives, managers, aspiring sales leaders
Where: Register here 


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