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June 7, 2013

BrainSell Demonstrates How to Create Effective Marketing Campaigns with Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation Software

BrainSell’s newest paper outlines how inbound marketing in conjunction with marketing automation generates the highest quality leads and increased site traffic.

Topsfield, MA (PRWEB) June 07, 2013 – BrainSell, a business consultancy firm specializing in marketing automation and inbound marketing techniques has created a comprehensive paper on how to leverage marketing automation and inbound marketing to increase site traffic and generate leads.

The comprehensive paper, complete with infographics and analytics, outlines what constitutes a good marketing strategy and how to design marketing efforts to increase business opportunities. BrainSell outlines the necessary steps organizations can take to implement more effective strategy across all marketing assets. The paper explains, in detail, how educational and informative marketing content that provides answers to a question, need or concern of prospective customers has the highest value in today’s market.

“Relevant content focused marketing is the most useful to a prospect when they are in research mode and trying to obtain specific information to get closer to a decision point,” said Sonja Fridell, BrainSell’s General Manager. “At BrainSell we strive to create educational content that is consultancy based with a focus on customer service. We have found that is the single best way of creating high quality leads – and we want to share with everyone how they can do the same.”

BrainSell’s paper is designed to demonstrate to both small and medium sized organizations how to expand their businesses with effective inbound marketing techniques and marketing automation, to read their in depth paper click here.

BrainSell continuously writes new software comparison guides on CRM, ERP and marketing automation – to read more of BrainSell’s business software papers you can visit the resource center on their site.

About BrainSell

BrainSell is a business solutions company that is dedicated to helping businesses grow, create a delighted customer base and achieve grand success. BrainSell provides comprehensive ERP, CRM, marketing automation and inbound marketing services, including training, implementation and software development. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Topsfield, Massachusetts, BrainSell continues to grow in product knowledge and offerings. Visit to start improving sales and productivity today.