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April 16, 2024

BrainSell Promotes Kevin Cook to Chief Technology Officer 

Growth enablement company names CTO to focus on accelerating AI innovation for its customers.  

DANVERS April 25, 2024- BrainSell, the growth enablement company specializing in helping clients grow with top-of-the-line business technology solutions, has promoted Kevin Cook to Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Cook’s 15 years at BrainSell, working across business functions, well positions him to manage and advance BrainSell’s technology strategy for the company and its customers.   

Cook brings diverse experience to the position, with a background in physics, software architecture and programming, and a strong track record in business development. During his nearly 15-year tenure at BrainSell, Cook has worn many hats, including Vice President of Sales and Executive Vice President. Within these many roles, Cook has always exhibited a professional and personal drive to understand the “how” and “why” of the technologies we use daily.  

“When we started realizing we needed someone to take charge of our technology endeavors, we knew right away Kevin was the go-to choice,” said Theresa Conway, Chief Operating Officer at BrainSell. “A CTO needs to always be at the forefront of the tech world with their finger on the pulse of what will help the business and our customers succeed. Kevin was already doing that; it just made sense.” 

“At BrainSell, we’ve always believed in harnessing the power of technology to unlock data and deliver unparalleled value and efficiency to our customers,” said Cook. “As I step into the role of CTO, I am committed to leading with a vision that not only anticipates the needs of our market but also creates impactful solutions that resonate with our users.” 

As Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Cook will maintain and enhance current systems, lead initiatives to adopt new technologies, and develop new technical architecture. Additionally, Cook will be heading up BrainSell’s cybersecurity efforts, managing three key accounts, and researching new technologies to drive revenue, growth, and operational scalability for BrainSell and its clients. Cook will also be responsible for guiding how BrainSell continues to leverage AI.  

“One of the things that’s going to be tremendously important as I lean into this new role is Copilot; Microsoft’s new AI tool,” said Cook. “Everybody is talking about AI, but how do you make it work in a sales environment? That’s a question very few people have a satisfactory answer to. How do I turn this tool into something valuable for our customers? It’s not a button where you press ‘go.’ We’re already working on a few ways to apply it.” 

Cook sees the role as a chance to leverage his long history of technological expertise in a way that improves the customer experience and drives additional value for all parties.  

“I very much see BrainSell as a guiding force for our clients, helping them navigate new technology,” said Cook. “Finding the right use case, finding the right technology, it’s what we’ve done all along. As CTO, I’m excited to continue helping clients make sense of their technology options and apply them in the ways that benefit them the most.” 

“I’ve known Kevin for years, and I can say with one hundred percent certainty that there isn’t a better person for this job,” said CEO Jim Ward. “Kevin has a passion for technology like no one else, and I know he’ll be doing big things for both our clients and internal team.” 

About BrainSell 

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