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December 21, 2011

BrainSell Technologies Selected as a Winner of 2011 VAR Stars Award

BrainSell, a Massachusetts-based technology firm has been named a VAR Star for second consecutive year.

PRLog (Press Release) – December 21, 2011 – Topsfield, MA – Progressive Media Group’s Bob Scott’s Insights has selected BrainSell Technologies as a winner of its 2011 VAR Stars award. One hundred resellers are selected each year for this honor.

2011 VAR Stars have a practice involving the sale of mid-market financial software and while most derive significant revenue from other sources, accounting software is the core to their business.

Revenue is not a factor in selection and VARs are not rated. The No. 1 and No. 100 members of this list have equal standing. Factors taken into consideration included growth, industry leadership and innovation. There are very large and very small dealers in this list. An effort was also made to selects resellers who represent a broad range of products.

This year, VAR Star candidates were asked what they have done to respond to the economic conditions. Several common areas emerged from those VARs who commented (not all provided this information.) Few of these were surprising, but all are important.

They are as follows:
Diversifying product lines.
Holding onto talent.
Maintaining or increasing marketing budgets.
Performing mergers and acquisition.

“We’ve sustained tremendous growth for the past two years due to strategic acquisitions, product diversification, and by constantly working to delight our customers,” said BrainSell founder and CEO, Jim Ward. “We’re honored to be named as a VAR Star again and hope to keep our growth trend going in 2012.”

Bob Scott’s Insights provides the mid-market reselling community with news and analysis giving them insight into the issues that affect the business of resellers and vendors alike. It informs and entertains, giving this critical market a quick-and-easy read that is both instructive and interesting.

Contact Information
Sonja Fridell
Director of Marketing and Business Development
BrainSell Technologies
Tel.: (866)356-2654 x206
Email: [email protected]

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