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October 8, 2014

Increasing Sales with Robots? — BrainSell Holds Futuristic Business Process Management Webinar

BrainSell has jumped on Business Process Management as the next big thing in the business software world. Business Process Management or “BPM” promises to increase sales without increasing human capital.

Topsfield, MA (PRWEB) October 8, 2014 —

Although there have been tremendous advances in business software over the last twenty years, BrainSell has found that even enterprise-level businesses are having trouble identifying a true business process. Business Process Management is poised to be the next big thing in the business software industry. As a leading edge company, BrainSell has jumped on BPM as an early adopter of business process methodologies.

BrainSell will be hosting a webinar open to the public about BPM titled “How to Increase Sales with Robots”, a BPM-themed webinar, on October 22nd, 2014, from 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST.

Join BrainSell’s webinar here:

Recently, BPM software has been heavily publicized in Forbes (amongst others) in an October 7th article by Adrian Bridgewater as a, “System of Differentiation,” and is also a major facet of creating “Systems of Engagement,” for your business, according to Bridgewater.

“These resources, applications and tools will include Business Process Management (BPM), workflows and other technologies that DO NOT involve a lot of hard software application coding,” said Bridgewater. “And, crucially, [BPM] will add to and enhance systems of record (databases).”

BrainSell holds a great deal of respect for companies who can fully identify their process. Business Process Management relies on BPMN (business process management notation) to create maps of particular businesses processes in order to identify “bottlenecks” — places where businesses are losing time and money on mundane tasks. BrainSell is positioning themselves as an expert at identifying business process and implementing a BPM-based solution.

For more information, view BrainSell’s BPM webinar blog here:

Jim Ward, BrainSell’s President and CEO, thinks of Business Process Management as the next logical step in the modern progression of business software. Over 20 years, BrainSell has built its business on the forefront of the rapid progression business software has made. From CRM, to ERP, to Marketing automation, BrainSell aims to tie together all the major components of modern business software implementations.

“Having implemented hundreds of software projects, we’ve found that the best practice before buying any software or in correcting a failed implementation is to know and document your processes that are potentially automatable,” said Ward. “Identifying areas of automation that allow your company to scale without being tied to adding human capital allows your people to become more impactful to your business. Our clients are amazed at how fast this investment [BPM] pays back.”

Ward states that BPM implementations and identifying process in general is having an impact on how fast the usual return on software investments come back to his clients. Contact BrainSell for more information on Business Process Management or Business Process Management Notation (BPMN).