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September 3, 2014

Resell Partner BrainSell Fully Supportive of Infor’s Acquisition of Saleslogix CRM

Topfield, MA — BrainSell fully supports Infor’s acquisition of Saleslogix CRM. Infor will morph Saleslogix’s assets and data into the go-to CRM solution provided by the rapidly-growing business software provider.

Infor will be renaming Saleslogix to Infor CRM, which will be highly specified towards specialized industries and vertical applications. Each of the unique Infor CRM products will be geared very closely to the respective industry of each client, right out-of-the-box. Infor will be integrating existing ERP software in the automotive and medical industries amongst others.

However equally important to note is that Infor will be also dedicated to meeting the needs of existing clients, both on-premise and cloud.

View BrainSell’s Saleslogix Page:

Ross Jones, BrainSell’s longest tenured Saleslogix engineer weighs in on the benefits of the Infor acquisition:

“Whilst the announcement of the Saleslogix acquisition by Infor came as a surprise to us all, it has been very well received.” said Ross Jones, BrainSell’s VP of CRM Engineering. “From a Partner perspective, it bodes well for product investment and Saleslogix integration capabilities. We’re looking forward to a very bright future for Infor CRM (Saleslogix)!”

BrainSell announced in an August 2014 press release that it will be attending Saleslogix’s annual convention in Scottsdale, Arizona November 2-5, 2014:

The announcement that Infor is purchasing stage should dramatically alter the landscape of Saleslogix’s Global Conference, which was previously going to focus on the Saleslogix XBar integration for Outlook as well as Saleslogix Sync integration for Gmail.

Infor’s acquisition is also causing excitement outside of the global conference. Jim Ward, president and CEO of BrainSell, explains that Infor is not only picking up where Saleslogix left off, but aims to extend and improve an already fantastic product offering.

“BrainSell fully supports Saleslogix acquisition by Infor,” said BrainSell’s President and CEO Jim Ward. “Infor’s forward thinking business model is going to allow more-efficient customization of modules by industry. This should keep Infor CRM (Saleslogix) among the elite offerings of the CRM industry.”

Jim Ward further states, “Infor CRM (SalesLogix) in now supported by a $2.7 billion dollar company. The resources for investment now change the game. I for one am very enthused to see all that’s coming.”

Saleslogix CRM suite will be rolled into Infor CRM, creating a highly-robust platform that delivers rich customer data. For more information about Saleslogix and their transition to Infor CRM, consult BrainSell’s Saleslogix page at the above link.