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January 20, 2011

Top SugarCRM Partner, BrainSell, Offers Sales of Less Than 5 Licenses

A lot of small businesses and start ups shy away from Sugar because you need to buy at least 5 licenses. Not true with Sugar Partners.

PRLog (Press Release) – January 20, 2011 – Many small businesses and start ups shy away from SugarCRM because a minimum purchase of 5 licenses is required. Not true with Sugar Partners. Partners are allowed to sell as few as 1 license or as many as they’d like.

Businesses of all sizes often like to test software before they delve into a full implementation. BrainSell’s ability to sell less than 5 licenses of Sugar gives businesses the chace to test if for their companies. It’s easy to add on licenses as they’re needed.

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BrainSell also offers flexible Jumpstart packages to get customers rolling with Sugar right away. BrainSell tailors Jumpstart packages to fit client needs.