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NetSuite vs. Salesforce

Comparing NetSuite and Salesforce is like comparing apples and oranges, respectively. However, imagine taking a bite out of an apple and experiencing the citrus taste of orange from time to time.

That is the best way to describe NetSuite, known primarily for its ERP offering with a little sprinkle of CRM in the mix. Many businesses on a path to growth consider adopting NetSuite due to its apparent flexibility as an ERP and CRM software. But if you look more closely, the platform does not have all the core functionalities of a traditional CRM and is, first and foremost, an ERP. More importantly, it does NOT offer its CRM functionality as a standalone solution.

Salesforce is the exact opposite. As one of the world leaders in CRM, a lot of its functionality revolves around appropriate sales force automation. The company has not focused its product innovations strictly on ERP but has built out a vast community of software partners to address many of its gaps.

We receive a lot of questions from our current and potential customers about whether NetSuite is a suitable option as both an ERP and CRM. That ultimately comes down to their specific needs and business goals.

Download The Definitive Comparison Guide: Salesforce vs. Netsuite to get a side-by-side comparison of these two solutions.

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Salesforce vs. NetSuite

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