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March 22, 2024 Business Technologies

How Much Does Acumatica Cost?

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By Connor O'Keefe

Whenever you’re investing in new software, one of the primary questions is going to be “How much is this going to cost me?” or “How many licenses do we need to buy?” And any variation thereof is a fair question to ask; software is expensive and getting the wrong tool for your team’s needs can prove a disaster multiple times over. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that one of the most frequently searched queries about an ERP product like Acumatica is “How much does Acumatica cost?”

Acumatica is a robust and versatile cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that empowers businesses with comprehensive financial, distribution, manufacturing, and project management capabilities. Such a tool must come at a substantial price point, given its apparent usefulness, right? The answer might surprise you. It all comes down to Acumatica’s unique pricing model that puts customers first.

How Much Does Acumatica Cost?

Most SaaS vendors out there, be they CRM, ERP or anything in-between, follow a pretty standard method for pricing; customers pay a licensing fee to access the software at all, a fixed amount per the number of users they wish to have on the software, and then any additional add-ons or services they want to come bundled with the finished product. This is pretty much an industry standard and is often the reason why companies opt into fewer licenses for their software; to cut costs on superfluous users.

Acumatica only charges users for the products/services they actually use, based on the following:

  • Applications/Integrations,
  • Projected Resource Consumption
  • License For the Software Itself (not to be confused with licenses for user seats.)

Acumatica’s Unique Cost/Pricing Model

Acumatica’s customer-forward pricing model is unique in the SaaS space; users pay as much or as little as they need from the product, and there’s never any bloat or unused features. While many other software vendors in both the ERP and CRM space charge for seats/licenses. You could even call this the industry standard for how many vendors operate in this way.

For their unique pricing points, Acumatica customers enjoy unlimited user seats, meaning as many people as needed can access the software. The flip side to this consumer-friendly pricing model is that potential customers will need to speak with a salesperson to accurately calculate their projected price point, as there are too many variables to give flat rates as vendors like HubSpot do.

How Much Do Acumatica’s User Seats Cost?

Acumatica’s user seats cost literally nothing. When you purchase the software, you get unlimited seats for any number of your team members. This is great for teams that have a lot of members, but it’s especially useful for growing businesses. Rather than shell out for additional user seats as your team expands, Acumatica lets you grow more organically by not financially tying you to a certain number of users.  This flexibility is key for businesses that want to scale up without worrying about increasing software costs.

Have More Questions About Acumatica?

There’s still so much more to cover about Acumatica, one blog just isn’t enough space.  Feel free to read some of our additional Acumatica related content for more answers to all the questions you never knew you had. Or, if you want to see how Acumatica stacks up against an industry player like Sage, check out our comparison guide that puts the two head-to-head.

Prefer to jump right into things instead? Give us a ring and chat with one of our Acumatica experts today They’re all excellent recourses on Acumatica and finance management tools in general. They can help you get started on finding the perfect fintech product to help your business grow.

Need to Know More About What ERP Options Are Out There?

We have a host of resources about ERPs and which one is right for which type of company. Check out one of our comparison guides if you need more information!

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