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June 29, 2015 Business Technologies

BPM Solutions are Powering Modern Industrial Manufacturing

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By Brainsell Editorial Team

Industrial Manufacturing is Making a Swift Comeback

Several critical issues have affected industrial manufacturing in the fallout of the late 2000’s recession that have left executives losing sleep trying to figure out the best way to regain the 25% drop in production seen industry wide. Because the hit was so large, companies began looking for ways to make their businesses more agile so they can adapt quickly to the ever-changing world.


BPM Solutions Dramatically Lower Production Costs

In the wake of the recession, the Government has come out with extensive new regulations that aim to address several issues within the industry including pollution and worker safety. These regulations have opened new wounds for industrial manufacturers to overcome – including an increase in production costs and the acquisition of many raw materials. While this initiative is needed this will inevitably change the business process of industrial manufacturers and will force a pivot to a new way of doing things. A Business Process Review (BPR) would be the first step to understand how your company will need to change in order to scale while complying with all of the new regulations.

In order to stay competitive and cut production costs, many US manufacturers have moved their production facilities abroad. This has created unique communication challenges with respect to time zone differences and language barriers. While this practice has saved production costs, it has increased operating costs in time and communication management. A centralized, collaborative and multi-lingual cloud solution is needed to manage your internal relationships as well as customer relationships. An example of a this would be a CRM solution like the one developed by Infor, who has watched the industry and prepared a solid solution to overcome these obstacles (Infor CRM).

Following “Instrument Flight Rules” in Manufacturing

Like Jim Ward, President/CEO of BrainSell always tells our team, “You don’t pay the pilot to fly the plane, you pay the pilot to land the plane,” in regards to business process. “You need to be able to fly and land your business like a plane, using only your flight instruments – regardless of how bad the weather gets.” Transparency into key performance indicators across your business will allows you to understand how your business is preforming.

In conjunction with solutions like CRM, having a modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution in place you will help you gain transparency into global supply chain planning. Modern ERP solutions allow you to decrease order-to-cash cycles and have instant access to critical business data across all areas of your business. Some level of software reinvestment into your company is the only true way to scale in the modern manufacturing space.

Find out more about introducing Business Process Management and Business Process Notation into your manufacturing process by getting in touch with BrainSell. We specialize in process engagements, where we can tightly map your business process to real technology.

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