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September 28, 2023 Business Services

Most Common NetSuite Complaints And What They Can Teach Us

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By Frank Cuccio

One of the most helpful things you can do when making a new software purchase (or any big investment) is to look at negative user reviews. By seeing the weak points of each vendor, you can make some informed decisions based on what is most important for you. A platform the size of NetSuite has common complaints that will help you analyze and isolate where they may struggle.

Recently, I embarked on a journey to understand the most common complaints about NetSuite. Using, I scraped all NetSuite reviews from With the power of ChatGPT 4’s advanced data analytics, I analyzed these reviews, categorizing them into distinct issues/complaints. It’s worth noting that each review could encompass multiple issues.

After a thorough review and consolidation of similar categories, I had ChatGPT generate a word cloud, using the complaint terms as the “word” and their frequency as the weight. The results? A visual representation that spoke volumes. However, to enhance its visual appeal, I transferred the data into PowerPoint, creating word arts that mirrored the size of each term and repositioned how they were laid out resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing design.

common netsuite complaints

Delving into these complaints, it’s evident why they should be a cause for concern when selecting an ERP solution. From technical glitches disrupting business processes to pricing concerns straining financial resources, these issues highlight potential pitfalls that can hinder growth, efficiency, and profitability.

Now, let’s delve into these complaints and understand why they should be a cause for concern when selecting an ERP solution:

  • Technical Issues (196 occurrences): Glitches can disrupt business processes, leading to inefficiencies and potential revenue loss.
  • Reporting Concerns (148 occurrences): Unreliable reports can lead to misguided business strategies.
  • Pricing Concerns (107 occurrences): Hidden costs or unexpected price hikes can strain financial resources.
  • Usability Concerns (95 occurrences): A non-user-friendly system can reduce productivity and increase training costs.
  • Consultation & Support Issues (75 occurrences): Lack of adequate support can lead to prolonged downtimes.
  • Integration Issues (63 occurrences): Poor integration can lead to data silos and operational inefficiencies.
  • Role & Workflow Challenges (59 occurrences): Disruptions in established processes can hinder efficiency.
  • Customization Difficulties (53 occurrences): Lack of customization can prevent catering to specific business needs.
  • Bank Data & Reconciliation (48 occurrences): Issues here can lead to incorrect financial statements.
  • Too Rigid/Not Flexible & Overly Complex (26 occurrences each): Rigidity can hinder growth, while complexity can increase the learning curve.
  • Inventory/BOM Limitations (24 occurrences): This can lead to stockouts and inefficiencies in production.
  • Performance Issues (16 occurrences): Slow systems can reduce productivity.
  • Implementation Issues (43 occurrences): Prolonged or problematic implementation can delay benefits and increase costs.
  • Misled by Sales team (41 occurrences): Misrepresentation can lead to dissatisfaction and disputes.
  • Data Management Issues (9 occurrences): Flawed data can lead to incorrect insights.
  • Internal Controls/Auditability Issues (4 occurrences): Issues here can lead to legal complications.
  • Requires Additional Purchase (8 occurrences): Hidden costs can strain budgets.

Interestingly, these user reviews seem to be in alignment with some of the legal challenges NetSuite has faced in years past:

  • In June 2023, Oracle was alleged to have conducted a “widespread fraudulent scheme and unfair business practice” in sales of its NetSuite software. Read more
  • Elkay Plastics Company, Inc. sued Oracle and NetSuite in February 2020, alleging that the implementation of NetSuite’s software was a failure. Read more
  • In May 2014, Gulf Coast Medical Group LLC sued NetSuite alleging an overzealous salesman led them to buy a software system that utterly failed to meet its needs. Read More

So the question of the hour: why do we care? What can we learn from all of this? Where do these complaints and legal challenges intersect and why does it all matter to us?

ERP selections should be made based on how the solution will work for your business and how the company will treat you. You should understand exactly what it will cost, and your implementation should be aligned to what you were told during the sales process. If you choose NetSuite, you are choosing to believe their marketing engine, flaws and all. NetSuite’s a powerful piece of software with the force of an industry juggernaut like Oracle behind it, but the persistent issues are very clear to see and don’t show much sign of changing in the near future. Both the extensive user feedback and legal disputes are indicative of deeper problems going on here.

When comparing NetSuite vs Sage Intacct on G2, it’s evident that many of the complaints associated with NetSuite aren’t prevalent with other, similar products, namely Sage Intacct. In fact, Intacct ranks highly in those areas where NetSuite consistently falls flat. This could be attributed to Sage Intacct’s robust features, transparent pricing, user-friendly interface, and their partner network of implementation and support consultants.

 TrustRadius has recognized Sage Intacct as Best in three categories:

  • Best Feature set – Intacct’s features are best at meeting user expectations and needs in breadth and depth of capabilities (Three years in a row)
  • Best Value for Price – customer say Sage Intacct provides the best value for their investment
  • Best Relationship (Two years in a row) – Sage Intacct users rated Sage Intacct highest in Would Buy Again Implementation Expectations Sales/Marketing Promises

They also gave Sage Intacct Top Rated Awards in 7 categories:

  • Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Invoicing
  • Nonprofit Accounting
  • Revenue Management
  • Subscription Management

Common NetSuite user complaints across user reviews and legal battles indicate there are better options out there. Sage Intacct succeeds where NetSuite fails and consistently proves to be the superior ERP product. Not convinced? Find out for yourself. Check out the full product tour of Sage Intacct and see why users and analysts alike love it.

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