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January 30, 2017 Business Technologies

Which NFL Team is Most Like Your CRM?

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By Sonja Fridell

If each CRM software were represented by an NFL team, which team would your CRM be? 

As an objective reseller of just about every major CRM platform, BrainSell compared NFL teams to CRM software platforms based on their individual “personalities”.

CRM Comparison - NFL Teams


Being headquartered in Massachusetts, we are huge Patriot’s fans here at BrainSell.  We have no prejudice when it comes to our software – so, to keep this fun and truly unbiased, we left the Patriots off of this list. Please remember to leave a comment below if you disagree (or agree) with any of these pairings.

Disclaimer: These comparisons are meant to be funny and parody the tools we use everyday. We’re not trying to be bias toward any particular team or particular CRM, this is only in the spirit of fun! Make sure to comment if you don’t agree with any of the listings.

NFL Chicago Bears LogoOOracle CRM Logoracle CRM is comparable to the NFL Chicago Bears Logo Team Name. They are both very expensive (Jay Cutler of the Bears is the highest paid player in the NFL, Oracle is the most expensive CRM). They are also  both the oldest CRM and NFL franchises, which is why we started with them first. Like Oracle,   the Bears haven’t made many splashes lately in development, and they have many eyes on them to see if they can regain past supremacy.


NFL Green Bay Packers LogoAAct CRM Logoct! CRM is comparable to the NFL Green Bay Packers Logo Team Name. It’s been around since ancient times, but is still very relevant today. The Packers also fit Act!’s M.O. of being a small business solution. The Packers represent the smallest city inthe National Football League, just as Act! CRM represents many small businesses. Act! is also extremely user friendly, meanwhile, the Packers are the only publicly-owned team in the NFL. We think Act! is a good fit to represent the Packers.


NFL Dallas Cowboys LogoSSalesForce Logoalesforce is comparable to the NFL Dallas Cowboys Logo Team Name. Like the Cowboys CEO Jerry Jones, Salesforce has a charismatic, larger-than-life CEO in Mark Benioff (Benioff is a Giants fan). The Cowboys just built the most modern, up-to-date stadium available with all the bells in whistles. Similarly, Salesforce has just bought a tricked-out west coast headquarters building in San Francisco.  Another common trait is that both of their stocks have been way up in the past three years after rebuilding in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Dallas also has one of the strongest offensive lines in the league, similarly, Salesforce is built on a rock-solid platform.


NFL San Fransisco 49ers Logo SugarCRM is comparable to tSugar CRM Square Logohe NFL San Fransisco 49ers Logo Team Name SugarCRM is a native bay-area product, and like the 49ers, has a techy, open-sourcefanbase. SugarCRM has been the fastest growing CRM in the industry for the past three years, likewise, San Francisco has been one of the fastest growing cities in America the past three years.   SugarCRM’s employees are also huge 49ers fans. Although Salesforce is now headquartered in San Francisco, they are originally from New York City.


NFL Seatlle Seahawks LogoDynamMS Dynamics CRM Logoics CRM is comparable to the NFL Seatlle Seahawks Logo Team Name. Dynamics is one of the best on-premise (internally hosted) options available. Likewise, the Seattle Seahawks play very well at home. Dynamics CRM is also a native product of Seattle, as that is where Microsoft Headquarters is located. Dynamics CRM also has a similar color scheme to Seattle (green and blue in the logo).


NFL Philadelphia Eagles LogoNetSuite CRM iNetSuite Logos comparable to the NFL Philadelphia Eagles Logo Team Name. The Philadelphia Eagles coach, Chip Kelly integrates every aspect of football into his offense. Unfortunately for NetSuite, the Eagles real strength is their offense, just as NetSuite’s real strength is their ERP tools.NetSuite is one of the most efficient tools, but is not deep on both sides of the ball (CRM and ERP).  NetSuite, like the Eagles, is one of the most efficient franchises on the market. Like the Eagles playbook, NetSuite continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the software world.


NFL Tennessee Titans Logo Infor CRM, formerly SalesLogiInfor CRM Logox, is comparable to the NFL Tennessee Titans Logo Team Name. Like the Titans, Infor is the latestCRM to undergo a name change (Infor was Saleslogix, the Titans were the Houston Oilers). Infor CRM, like the Titans, provides superior value in a CRM system. The Titans were named by Forbes as the most affordable tickets to any NFL team. Because of the  value that Infor CRM provides, they are the Tennessee Titans. Infor and Tennessee are both known to have great leadership that heavily invests in their respective franchises.


NFL Arizona Cardinals LogoZoho CRM is comparable tZoho CRM Logoo the NFL Arizona Cardinals Logo Team Name. Zoho has done a great job with their own SEO in marketing their product, so they often come up next to the major CRM platforms on Google results. Likewise, somehow the Cardinals have maintained relevance in the league in the past 10 years despite not being a team with top-tier talent. As a CRM that is typically associated with small business, we feel like Zoho maintains relevance by getting hot at the right times.


NFL New York Buffalo Bills LogoSage CRM is comparable tSageCRM Logoo the NFL New York Buffalo Bills Logo Team Name. Buffalo has not really been relevant since the 90’s, and is more of a legacy franchise. Sage CRM and the Bills are the only teams with foreign ownership (the Bills are owned by Canadians, Sage is owned by the French). This CRM, like the Bills, plays very well at home; Sage is an on-premise system and the bills haven’t had a losing record in home in five years.


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