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November 30, 2023 Business Technologies

Is Acumatica a Good ERP for Manufacturing?

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By Connor O'Keefe

The manufacturing industry is so unique in that it requires a level of logistics and information that other industries just don’t have to deal with. Inventory, shipping, distribution, and customer service all have to be managed effectively in order for a manufacturing business to be successful. But like every industry, manufacturing relies heavily on technology to stay competitive. A highly specialized industry needs a specialized ERP. But is Acumatica a good ERP for manufacturing companies?

Why Do Manufacturers Need an ERP?

Every company needs a solid ERP solution; whether you’re a titan of your industry, or a small garage-bound startup your company will be well-served by a solid ERP.  ERP’s such as Acumatica help streamline the communication of information between departments and allow for real-time analysis of performance, leading to a higher level of customer service, which any manufacturing company can appreciate. Additionally, an ERP provides accurate insight into production costs and inventory levels which can have a tremendous effect on the bottom line; again, this is something that most manufacturers will find incredibly useful in their business endeavors.

Is Acumatica a Good ERP for Manufacturing Companies?

Acumatica is an ERP solution well-suited for manufacturing companies. It provides an integrated suite of tools that helps streamline operations and optimize processes. With Acumatica, manufacturers can manage inventory, track assets, automate billing and shipping, and keep tabs on customer accounts. This comprehensive platform also makes it easier to analyze data in real-time.  In short, yes: Acumatica is an excellent ERP software for companies in general, but users in the manufacturing industry will see a heightened level of usefulness in the program.

Acumatica ERP Features for Manufacturing Businesses

While Acumatica might be an excellent ERP in its own right and almost any company can build a solid foundation with it, there are plenty of features specifically curated for and useful to manufacturing companies.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the special features Acumatica provides to its manufacturing users.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

Can’t get much more manufacturing focused than a curated manufacturing edition of the product. Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition refers to several packages available to customers in different sects of the manufacturing industry, specifically Capital Equipment Manufacturing, High Tech Manufacturing, and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing.  Each of these packages include features that are specialized to each manufacturer’s unique needs, including, but not limited to:

Customer visibility: By employing dashboards and reports embedded with business intelligence, the process of status reporting to customers becomes streamlined. These essential tools seamlessly integrate with the Acumatica contract and document management systems, enabling efficient tracking of complete projects.

Collaboration: Enhance communication, streamline processes, and save valuable time by providing customers and suppliers with secure, cloud-based access to project updates, specifications, and documentation. This enables seamless collaboration on design, engineering, and outsourced production tasks, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire process.

Engineer-to-order (ETO): Acumatica’s estimating system seamlessly integrates with engineering, allowing for effective management of deep bills of material (BOM) and intricate routings. Additionally, it offers project accounting capabilities to ensure comprehensive cost management.

Want to learn more about your CRM and the features it offers? Or maybe you just want to start a search for a new software that’ll serve you better? Give us a call today and see why your business technology is something to be thankful for!

Want to Learn More About Acumatica?

BrainSell is proudly partnered with Acumatica to bring Manufacturing and other firms a top-shelf ERP designed to scale and grow with their business.

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