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September 18, 2014 Business Technologies

5 Ways to Get a Real ROI from Your CRM Investment

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By Sonja Fridell


Text only version:

Top Five Tactics to Get Real Returns on Your CRM Investment

BrainSell has been helping companies across North America implement CRM for over 20 years. Here is our list of top 5“must have” tactics for driving a real return on your investment.


Scale your business without human capital.

1. Know your sales process

Document your sales process, then you can start to automate repetitive tasks and save salespeople time
and frustration.

Warning: If you don’t know your process, you will likely face false starts and low user adoption. Start freeing up more
time to sell and make commissions.

2. Integrate your salesperson’s daily tools

Integrate your salespeople’s daily tools to increase selling time.

Your salespeople need one place to go for email, customer service, accounting and marketing. Don’t
force salespeople into multiple systems or user adoption can wane. Most CRM systems have this capability!

Contact us to see how your systems will integrate into a CRM platform [email protected]

3. Simplification

The entire design of your customer and prospect database needs to be simple. A simple, elegant design
is your key to salespeople buying into CRM adoption.

Take the time upfront to architect the CRM before you buy it. Most people buy CRM and then design
it. Hit the pause button and reverse the process. Design first, then buy.

4. You Must Hold Sales Meetings

Sales meetings allow you to understand the intimacy of your salespeople with their deals. The only way
to do this is through the repetition of an organized sales meeting.

Some companies get too comfortable in their daily routines to remember how important sales meetings
are. Remember that these meetings are not about accountability; rather, they are about the level of
intimacy between the rep and prospect. A salesperson that isn’t constantly creating intimate
engagements may be showing signs of being unorganized.

5. Assembly Line Selling

Henry Ford is famous for creating the assembly line. You must create a sales assembly line in your
own business.

You achieve the assembly line goal by creating specialized roles within your team. Your motto should
be, “one team member, one specialization, one role.” Allow Account Executives to focus on qualified
opportunities. Have a Sales Development Representative (SDR) do this type of qualification.

What we believe —

This is the tip of the iceberg.

BrainSell has grown our own business by an average of 35 percent per year since 2008 using these
tactics and more.

We’d like to share our experience and vision with you.


Email [email protected] to schedule a 15 minute review of your sales process – creating a sticky, effective CRM system is not as daunting as it sounds!

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