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June 18, 2021 Data

How to Use Big Data for Business Growth

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By Brian Anderson

The business world runs on data. Thankfully, there is enough data to go around. The world only utilizes 1% of the data it generates, according to McKinsey. That is good news because it means there is a lot of data at your disposal to grow your business. 

But how does one do this? At BrainSell, we had to become Big Data experts to help our clients grow and scale. With the right mix of people, processes, and technology, we can help any company future-proof their business and make the most of the Big Data they collect.  

Read on to learn more about how Big Data can fuel growth for various business functions, as well as how to position yourself better to use the Big Data at your disposal to start fueling your growth initiatives. 

How to Use Big Data for Successful Growth 

The opportunities are endless for your business if it can leverage Big Data efficiently. If you can gain deep insights from your data, you can use that information to understand better and serve your customers. These insights can also turn your business into a proactive growth engine by helping you make the best strategic decisions and plan for any potential outcome. 

Here are just a few reasons companies reach out to us to help assist them with their Big Data initiatives: 

  • They may need help understanding the data they already have. They ask questions like, “How can I use Big Data to make smarter decisions? I’m having trouble understanding my data; do I need to switch software? Is my internal team accurately evaluating our Big Data?”  
  • They may need help making their data optimization process more efficient. They ask questions like, “How can I get the most value out of my data, both internally and externally?” 
  • They may want to troubleshoot their current data tracking and analytic processes. They ask, “What’s working and what’s not? Would a different software suit my needs better?” 

Strategies for How to Use Big Data 

Leveraging all the Big Data at your disposal can positively impact each vital function of your business. But since there are various opportunities available, companies can be inundated with options and immediately shrug off a Big Data project as too complex.  

Here are just some of the questions you can answer with Big Data throughout your business to meet growth goals: 


  • How can I close more deals more predictably? 
  • How can I strengthen our sales process in an efficient way? 
  • How can I uncover potential expansion opportunities within our client base? 


  • How can I complete the same amount of work with less budget?  
  • How can I understand why content is or isn’t working? 
  • How can I tie marketing efforts to closed revenue? 


  • How can I make better financial decisions based on data? 
  • How can I ensure money isn’t slipping through the cracks? 
  • How can I position my back office to scale with my company’s growth goals? 


  • How can I help my team better serve our customers? 
  • How can I help my support team be more proactive versus reactive? 
  • How can I use data to strengthen our customer retention? 

Contact BrainSell for More Strategies on How to Use Big Data 

If your company is trying to strengthen its Big Data initiatives, there is no reason to tackle the project alone! BrainSell provides clients with world-class consulting, services, and technology to position your business to use its Big Data and drive growth! 

Reach out to us to talk with our growth enablement experts and learn a bit more about what a partnership with us can bring to your growth initiatives.

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