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August 24, 2015 Business Technologies

Infor CRM (SalesLogix) Review and Pricing

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By Sonja Fridell

In September 2014, Infor purchased SalesLogix and renamed the product Infor CRM. A year later, Infor CRM has matured into an extremely stable CRM solution with unique pricing and positioning in the industry. Infor is one of the largest business software companies in the world and they believe Infor CRM has a tremendous, indispensable future. To further review Infor and compare pricing, we’ve created an Infor CRM / Salesforce comparison guide.

Infor CRM Review:

Infor CRM, like Salesforce, is geared toward the mid-to-enterprise marketplace and can be utilized by hundreds / thousands of users. Infor CRM is a super stable product that is fast and not “buggy”.

As a company, Infor provides horizontal solutions, meaning they build software meant for all industries. That being said, we think Infor CRM is ideal for distribution, manufacturing, construction, financial services and retail. Be sure to talk with a BrainSell rep to see if Infor CRM is right for your organization.

Some companies who use SalesLogix still aren’t fully aware of the full transition to Infor, but those who have used SalesLogix in the past will find a lot of similarities between Infor CRM and the former product.

Infor CRM Key Differentiators:

  1. Strong Mobile Client: Infor CRM has one of the strongest mobile clients in industry, and is not void of any features on a iPhone or Android. In addition, the XBar Outlook integration carries over nicely on mobile.
  2. Mobile-only Subscriptions: With such a strong mobile client, it is nice to see the ability to have a mobile-only license. At $25 / per user / per month, it is a great CRM value for all-mobile sales folks. The mobile version comes standard with a $65 / per user / per month subscription to Infor CRM. For more info on how Infor CRM pricing compares, download the Salesforce “Versus” guide below.
  3. Excellent Outlook Integration (XBar): Infor CRM’s XBar (open video here) is hands down the best Outlook integration in the industry. You can create contacts with ease within Outlook while having almost all of your CRM options available in your inbox. XBar is included in your Infor subscription
  4. Concurrent Licenses: Infor CRM offers the ability to have multiple users for one license as long as they are not logged in at the same time. This is great for “shift” workers or CRM use in the manufacturing space. Infor’s concurrent licenses are $100 / per user, but are well worth it when considering the use of CRM between two or more users.
  5. Ability to be Deployed in the Cloud or On-premise: Infor is much more flexible in deployment than most CRM platforms. To be on the cloud with Infor CRM, you’ll need at least 10 users, but unlike a tool like SugarCRM, you only need five users to deploy on-premise. Infor CRM has no minimum amount of users for an on-premise deployment.

Compare Infor CRM to Salesforce (Includes Pricing):


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