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December 3, 2013 Business Technologies

Marketing Automation For SugarCRM – InBOX25

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By Sonja Fridell

We have been huge fans of InBOX25’s excellent email marketing tool – which is why we were thrilled when they announced their fully integrated all-in-one marketing automation platform. Part of why we love InBOX25 so much is because they truly embody the belief that powerful and complex technologies don’t need to be complicated to use or crazy expensive. Their tools are always intuitive and user friendly while also being innovative and effective.

1. Marketing Automation Made Easy

What makes InBOX25 so intuitive? They seem to have mastered the UI (user interface) dilemma that many business software tools on the market today have not. InBOX25’s interface is clean and modern, with a guided process similar to HubSpot’s marketing automation tool. We have found that InBOX25’s marketing automation platform is easy to learn and doesn’t require much (if any) training.  To get an idea of the clean look I have taken some screen grabs from our in-house edition for you to see below.

What I like most about InBOX25’s new marketing automation tool is that you don’t have to be a tech savvy wiz to master it quickly. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a powerful platform though, InBOX25 has really mastered the ‘simple but effective’ motto they were founded on. Which is great for end users looking for a powerful and affordable marketing automation tool that is easy to learn and has high adoption rates.

2. InBOX25 and SugarCRM

Another reason we love InBOX25 is because it is the perfect tool for our SugarCRM customers. It is the only marketing automation platform on the market that installs and deploys directly into SugarCRM, and has real time data sync ability with SymSync … which is HUGE. Most platforms have a minimum of at least 15 minutes for a data sync. InBOX25 has all the functionality of most marketing automation platforms plus the added bonus of being incredibly user friendly and definitely has the best price tag on the market, starting at only $99.00 per month!


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