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July 5, 2022 Growth Enablement

Revenue Operations: The Key to Unlocking Business Growth

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By Haley Rivers

As businesses grow, so does the complexity of their operations. To keep up with this growth and maintain a competitive edge, it’s essential to have a well-oiled machine in place – and that machine is revenue operations.

Revenue operations is the umbrella term for the various processes and functions that work together to drive business growth. It can include everything from sales and marketing to customer success and product management. While these functions are individually important, businesses can unlock their growth potential when working together seamlessly.

At BrainSell, revenue operations practices are the key to growth enablement, which leads to a healthily growing business.

Read on to learn how Revenue Operations impact business growth, as well as how to hone revenue operations practices in your company.

How Can Revenue Operations Impact Business Growth?

Revenue operations are critical to business growth because they provide the framework and process for generating revenue. Research shows the number of companies implementing revenue operations initiatives is on the rise, with nearly half (48%) using it now and another 11% planning for next year. With benefits including revenue growth (13%) and more efficient sales processes through better alignment between Sales & Marketing teams (21%), this can be a huge opportunity in your organization! Without a useful operations strategy, businesses will struggle to generate the revenue needed to grow.

Here are three ways revenue operations can help you scale your business.

Increased Efficiency

Revenue operations can increase business efficiency by streamlining processes and workflows. By aligning an organization’s sales, marketing, and success teams, businesses can better support company objectives. Aligning departments also allows businesses to make more informed decisions about budgeting, resourcing, and strategic planning – all of which will contribute to your company’s growth.

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Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience has a HUGE impact on your company’s revenue. After all, you can’t generate revenue without any customers.

Revenue Operations helps integrate the different departments within your company so that you can provide a seamless customer experience. Having everybody on the same page can improve collaboration and communication, allowing employees to suit customer needs better.

Greater Profitability

Revenue operations can have a direct impact on your company’s profitability. By aligning sales, marketing, and customer success teams, revenue operations can help address potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies that could impact profitability.

Common Challenges a Strong Revenue Operations Team Solves

Businesses often encounter a handful of challenges while trying to keep up with different departments. Even though these challenges may seem small at first, they can eventually pile up and be detrimental to your company’s growth in the long run.

One of the most considerable consequences a company can face without a strong revenue operations team is miscommunication. Freely sharing ideas, opinions, and information is vital when aiming for growth. Each team member brings together their own set of unique skills and ideas to the table. Without a revenue operations team, ensuring that the entire team is on the same page can be challenging.

Another challenge that many teams without revenue operations face is hard-to-reach information. A revenue operations team can ensure that all your data is in one place: product data, account data, contracts, payments, or invoices. Integrating this data to a platform for the entire team to view centralizes data and makes processes more efficient.

The Future of Revenue Operations

As companies continue to implement new systems and technologies into their day-to-day, revenue operations will play a vital role in how employees can streamline processes and stay connected. Data is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses. A team that can effectively use this data to increase productivity will boost your overall revenue.

How to Get Started with Revenue Operations in Your Own Business

Here at BrainSell, we recognize that adopting a new business operation strategy isn’t easy. That’s why we’re here to help! Our growth enablement experts are passionate about helping companies thrive by solving their business challenges with guidance and technology.

If you want to start your business growth journey, contact us to schedule a chat!

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Haley Rivers

Haley recently joined BrainSell in 2022 as this Summer's Marketing Intern. She will be entering her senior year this fall at UNH where she is studying marketing. During her free time, Haley loves to get outside with her dog Murphy and spend time with friends and family!

Haley Rivers

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