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August 10, 2018 Business Technologies

Sage 300cloud – What’s It All About?

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By Brainsell Editorial Team

It seems every minute that passes, a once “new” technology has become obsolete. Who remembers MP3 players? What about two-way pagers and the ridiculous act of paying for email accounts? We live in an ever-evolving technological world where those who don’t swim with the rest, well, sink.

To not only stay afloat, but really get to the head of the class of business software developers, Sage unrolled Sage 300cloud, a subscription-based platform. In the paragraphs below, we’re going to break down what’s different about this new Sage offering and more importantly, what’s in it for you.

Sage 300cloud

Difference #1 – Pricing module

Sage has introduced subscription-based pricing with version “C” that allows you a variety of payment options, rather than purchasing the software licensing upfront on an annual or multi-year agreement. As a current Sage 300 client, you can switch your current perpetual license to a subscription license. Depending on your user count, modules used, and other factors, the subscription-based pricing model can make paying annually a bit easier on cash flow.

Difference #2 – Web interface for anytime, anywhere access

Sage 300 “C” includes HTML 5 based web screens as the user interface. The new web screens allow you to have anytime, anywhere access to your Sage 300 system using any number of mobile devices including your smart phone (Apple and Android) iPad, tablets, or laptops using all the standard browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Please note these web interface screens are only available if you migrate to subscription. You will need to work with your customer success manager (Me!) to make this change.

MAJOR Difference #3 – Price Increase for perpetual users

Starting this year, and each year after, Sage will be increasing the price of all perpetual renewals by 20%. On the plus side, Sage 300c renewals will never be increased more than 10% for the life of your subscription.

What’s not different?

Sage 300c is still installed “on premise”. While Sage 300 “C” can be hosted, it is a hybrid cloud-based application, not a pure SAAS cloud model. It is still installed on a server at your site or elsewhere much as the regular Sage 300 is. Some additional security and configuration is required to enable web access, which we are happy to assist you with. In addition, the same desktop user interface you know and love is still there! No re-learning a new user interface if you do not want to. You have a choice to use either one you prefer today.

The Bottom Line

This new release highlights Sage’s continued investment in modernizing Sage 300. This allows you to leverage the new enhancements to improve productivity and grow revenues, while having the full flexibility to choose the licensing model that works best for your business. If you would like more information or pricing on Sage 300Cloud, Sage 300, or any other version of sage 300, please email me anytime here or call me at 978-887-3870 x202.

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