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September 25, 2018 Marketing

Sales and Marketing Technology: Best-of-Breed Approach vs. Suite Vendors

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By Brainsell Editorial Team

In business today, aligning your lead generation and overall marketing efforts with the goals and operations of the sales organization is critical to success. A well-integrated sales and marketing funnel is not a “nice to have,” but rather table stakes when it comes to building a predictable and profitable revenue stream.To manage the “lead-to-close” process, you need a number of technology components: web tracking tools, lead scoring, profiling tools, as well as lead conversion and core sales automation software. And, you have a choice in evaluating and purchasing this technology.

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The options are either buying from a “suite vendor,” a single provider of sales and marketing technology, or, taking a “best of breed” approach. In a best of breed approach, you select different providers based on a more granular assessment of your sales and marketing technology needs.

While it may seem the easy choice to buy from a single provider, the potential pitfalls are many. However, taking a multi-vendor approach mitigates risk for a number of reasons.

Download the ebook, “The Power of Many When Aligning Sales and Marketing” to learn the benefits of a multi-vendor approach, including enhanced integration potential, optimal cost controls, and avoiding vendor “lock in” strategies that can diminish your competitive advantage.


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