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December 18, 2014 Business Technologies

SugarCRM 7.5 Features and Release Date

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By Sonja Fridell

SugarCRM 7.5 Release Date

SugarCRM’s release date of 7.5 was December 8th, 2014. Sugar 7.5 comes armed with loads of new features. SugarCRM launched a beta of 7.5 back in September, and since then the new version has been tuned up enough to launch. Sugar 7.5 is pleasantly faster, and things like the search bar behave much more smoothly. We created a list of the best of Sugar 7.5’s features below. For a full sneak peak of the new look of SugarCRM 7.5, download our SugarCRM 7.5 Webinar recording.

SugarCRM 7.5 Features –

  • Drag and Drop Dashboards and High-contrast Visuals —

SugarCRM has done a nice job in 7.5 of making the system more user friendly and visually pleasing. Drag and drop dashboards has been a long awaited feature of the product and they behave nicely. 7.5 also has higher color contrast than previous version of Sugar, and the interface also behaves noticeably faster.

  • Emphasis on Social Media —

SugarCRM7.5features                        SugarCRM7.5FeatureList

SugarCRM has included a “Create Case” button on social media feeds within Sugar. This is exceptionally valuable when someone mentions your company’s name or brand on social media. If someone is praising your brand (or complaining about it), you have the opportunity to respond back in real-time, directly from Sugar. This provides an extra lair of ambient support in your companies social branding efforts.

  • Projects Module —


One of the most highly anticipated features of 7.5 is the “Projects Module.” This module allows you to create individual jobs or projects for accounts or contacts. This is perfect for companies with a need to track which employees are executing what project and when they are executing it. You can associate contacts and fellow employees with a given job, and you can see the progress of certain tasks as they are being completed.

  • Activity Streams —


There has been loads of buzz about the new “Hashtag” features of the 7.5 activity stream. Your contact and account activity streams will operate much like Twitter or Facebook, where you can reference a contact (a fellow employee, lead, customer, etc.) on your activity stream and then use a hashtag to reference different records, modules and commonly used tasks. SugarCRM’s CEO Larry Augustin was in our office explaining to us how significant this new feature will be one day. We agree with Larry that this may very well be the future of CRM.


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