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May 23, 2024 Business Technologies

Why We’re Excited SugarCRM Acquired sales-i

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By Brian Anderson

SugarCRM announced its acquisition of sales-i in an exciting move making a buzz in the CRM world. This acquisition marks a pivotal step in SugarCRM’s journey, and we don’t say that lightly.  

But what does it mean for the users of both platforms? And how will this union shape the future of CRM technology? 

Check out this blog post and explore the significance of this acquisition, delve into the functionalities of sales-i, and gain insights into the immediate and long-term benefits for the users. 

Understanding sales-i 

sales-i is a sales intelligence platform designed to help sales reps make easier data-driven decisions. It offers robust analytics and reporting functionalities intended for: 

  • Guided Selling: Dynamic guided selling harnesses data from various internal and external sources, utilizing AI to craft a tailored guide for each sales transaction. This approach transcends static sales processes, offering adaptability and intelligence. 
  • Simplified Sales Reporting: This feature streamlines the generation of sales reports, significantly reducing the time and effort needed to compile and analyze data. Presenting information clearly and concisely enables sales managers and executives to quickly understand key insights and make informed decisions to enhance sales strategies and tactics. 
  • Identifying Sales Trends: sales-i leverages machine learning to uncover insights in three key areas: product, customer, and sales performance. This data-driven strategy enhances the probability of making informed and successful decisions. 
  • Proactive Alerts: Automating the alerting process allows salespeople to focus on engaging with customers and closing deals rather than constantly monitoring sales data. This boost in productivity leads to higher sales efficiency and provides more time to cultivate customer relationships. 
  • Sales Opportunity Identification: sales-i enhances cross-selling initiatives by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify product relationships. It provides your sales team with clear, actionable recommendations on additional products that customers could or should purchase. 

Alignment with SugarCRM’s Goals 

sales-i’s capabilities align perfectly with SugarCRM’s mission to help companies unleash their revenue potential with appropriate data-driven insights. By integrating sales-i’s functionalities, SugarCRM aims to provide its users with a more comprehensive and intelligent CRM solution. 

The Acquisition 

The acquisition of sales-i by SugarCRM is a strategic move driven by the desire to enhance the account management capabilities and value proposition of the Sugar ecosystem. By incorporating sales-i’s advanced analytics and sales performance tools, SugarCRM aims to offer a more robust solution that addresses the evolving data needs of modern sales teams. 

Complementary Strengths 

The two platforms complement each other in several ways: 

  • Enhanced Analytics: Sugar Sell users will benefit from sales-i’s sophisticated analytics capabilities. 
  • Improved Sales Performance: sales-i’s tools will help users optimize their sales strategies and performance. 
  • Unified Data: The integration will provide a unified view of customer and sales data, enhancing decision-making. 

The Impact on Users 

Immediate Benefits 

For current Sugar Sell users, integrating sales-i’s functionalities means access to more advanced analytics and sales performance tools right out of the gate. This will enable them to make more informed decisions, identify sales opportunities more effectively, and ultimately drive better results. 

Long-Term Advantages 

In the long term, the combined platform will continue to evolve, offering users innovative features and enhancements. Prospective sales-i customers will also benefit from the robust CRM capabilities of Sugar Sell, creating a comprehensive solution that addresses all their sales and customer management needs. 

Are You Ready for Intelligent Account Management? 

The acquisition of sales-i by SugarCRM is an exciting development that promises to deliver significant benefits to users of both platforms. Combining Sugar Sell’s and sales-i’s strengths, the new integrated solution will offer enhanced analytics, improved sales performance, and a unified view of customer data. 

Connect with BrainSell today if you would like to learn more about sales-i and how it can help position your sales team with the intelligence they need to drive revenue! 

Want to See sales-i in Action?

Check out this on-demand webinar to learn more about how sales-i and Sugar are a match made in heaven!

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