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January 9, 2017 Business Technologies

Top 5 SugarCRM Add-Ons You Didn’t Know You Needed

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By Sonja Fridell

Is your business been looking to be more productive and accurate in 2017?  If you are using SugarCRM, let BrainSell help you raise your overall program to the next level, with the top plug-in options for your business needs.  We are kicking off our free webinar series again this year, beginning with these awesome add-on’s.  The first webinar will be on Wednesday, January 18th at 2:00 pm EST – scroll below to register!

SugarCRM does not have to work alone – it can converse with many different systems and automate mundane data entry across multiple platforms.   SugarCRM users know that, due to the developer-friendly/open-source nature of SugarCRM’s code, there are a diverse number of available applications created to make your SugarCRM experience easier.  The convenient applications cover many varied topics, but we have found people regularly asking about particular features. The vast variety of plug-in options are confusing.  To make the process easier, BrainSell has narrowed down the top choices for 2017.


Top 5 SugarCRM Add-Ons You Didn’t Know You Needed

Tenfold LogoTenfold – Telephony Integration

Integrate your phone system directly into your SugarCRM instance. Using a pop-up user interface (UI), you can add, change, and edit all contacts, leads and opportunities – directly from a phone call.  Tenfold logs calls automatically and even has a feature where you can assign follow-ups to other team members through SugarCRM directly through the UI.  The reporting feature shows the length of calls, most inbound and outbound and allows for gamification of your top callers.

Collabspot LogoCollabSpot – Gmail & Outlook Integrations

Collabspot is a tool that easily allows your Gmail account to integrate to your SugarCRM.  No need to copy and paste or the have multiple CRM windows and Gmail windows open. Save hours by linking contacts this way, and ensuring the entries are accurate and free of human error during transcription.  Create Leads, Contacts, Opportunities and more from Gmail to Sugar on the fly.  In addition,  you can archive email from Gmail and have them appear in the corresponding Sugar record.  Work your database from inside Gmail!

FlexiDocs LogoFlexidocs – Document Generation & e-Signing Platform

Flexidocs allows you to generate high quality documents using data directly from SugarCRM without need for transcription.  Create document templates in PowerPoint, Excel or Word.  Using the SugarCRM fields, complete the document with the appropriate data, and print to PDF cleanly.  Flexidocs are smart enough to allow for formulaic statements, that offer variable data in conditional fields.  eSign events are caught in real time within SugarCRM!

ClicData LogoClicData – Reporting & Business Intelligence

ClicData is a powerful data warehouse, capable of enriching, cleansing, standardizing information.  A powerful business intelligence tool, ClicData connects to multiple platforms to combine data into visual dashboards. These reports and dashboards are extremely customizable and tend to sales people excited to use a system they otherwise avoid.  Generate complex but easy to read reports, shareable by URLs!

TrustSphere LogoTrustSphere – Relationship Analytics

TrustSphere is an amazing software application that analyzes contact activity within Sugar to give users a better idea of of the relationship with that contact. TrustSphere will show you where your business is devoting it’s attention and suggest redirection, if necessary.  This is not just beneficial for leads and prospecting, but also for HR, talent acquisition and performance management.

Interested in learning more about these add-on’s?  Join us at our upcoming webinar, on Wednesday, January 18th at 2:00 pm EST.

Our President and EVP, are SugarCRM experts who want to teach you the best tips and tricks to start your year off profitably, and with the essential integrations to ramp up your business potential.

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