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July 27, 2015 Business Technologies

Newest BrainLink SugarCRM / Outlook Integration – Introducing Version 2.6

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By Sonja Fridell

BrainSell released BrainLink 1.0 a year ago, today we are pleased to announce 2.6 has been rolled out to our current client base. Click here for the BrainLink home launch page.

BrainLink, a SugarCRM to Outlook integration, enables a two-way sync of information from your Sugar database into Outlook and back. When BrainLink was released last July, Sugar users had the ability to do the majority of their SugarCRM tasks in their Outlook for the first time.

Now that BrainLink has hundreds of users and has been put through the ringer, 2.6 is the best version of BrainLink yet. BrainLink 2.6 includes opportunity creation, cases, calls, meetings and accounts/contacts. This powerful tool will also allow you to automatically sync incoming and outgoing emails.

New in BrainLink Version 2.6:

  1. New search functionality added to: Email archive, cases, opportunities calendar, tasks etc. – This is a very useful functionality that allows users to search for records either locally or remotely.  For example, when archiving an email, if users are unable to find the record in Outlook, they can search for it remotely on Sugar, select it, sync it to Outlook and archive the email, all in one go.
  2. Configurable Sync pane – User can select the modules and their order on the sync pane, including custom modules created in SugarCRM
  3. Google Apps support  for email archive
  4. During sync of items related to accounts (contacts, opportunities, cases etc.), if parent account was not previously synced, we automatically sync it – This is again very useful and important since it ensures that accounts that other records are related to, will always exists in Outlook
  5. When creating a case or opportunity from emails – the email body is automatically copied into the description of the case / opportunity saving time
  6. Ability to create a case or opportunity upon archiving emails – your sales team will love this! When you reply back to an email you can create an opportunity. Your support team will also love this, you can now create a case when archiving an email. Both cases and opportunities will have your custom fields as designed in SugarCRM
  7. New trial expiration UI – a feature our clients have asked for, any easy way to upgrade from trial to paid subscription! No down time, just click a button an away you go!
  8. Required fields enforced on all modules – One of the powerful aspects of SugarCRM is the ability to create custom fields and have them required. BrainLink will now carry over all of the rules you have developed and inforce them
  9. Contact search is always enabled (not only when contact folder is selected) – search for synced and un-synced records from any window in Outlook
  10. Change default of syncing calls to off
  11. Delete meeting from Sugar after deletion from Outlook (new checkbox)
  12. Full support for recurring meetings
  13. When you receive and archive an email from a contact that the system does not recognize, it will allow user to create contact/lead or associate with specific record (no need for separate action from sync pane)
  14. When users switches off sync for contacts/calendar/tasks, we switch off the form region in Outlook (bottom part of the Outlook from that contains the Sugar data)
  15. Auto removal of dead/converted leads from Outlook

To see the original features of BrainLink, check out the BrainLink Launch Page.

If you would like to receive a demo and/or trial of BrainLink click the button below or contact BrainSell 978-887-3870 x214.



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