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March 28, 2016 Business Technologies

The most flexible, powerful document generation and electronic signing platform for SugarCRM

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By Brainsell Editorial Team

Intellidocs is a newly released document generation and e-signing platform for SugarCRM that empowers customers to create and manage their own quotes, contracts, letters and any other documents they need to create from their CRM data. Intellidocs was developed to solve a question commonly posed by customers:

“How do we generate high quality documents using our CRM data, with the flexibility to change the design when we need to?”

Historically, when customers wanted to have custom PDF documents created from their CRM, it would be an expensive, time consuming process that involved developers creating these documents from code. Intellidocs provides an intuitive platform that allows customers to create their own documents using common office tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

How does the platform work?

Intellidocs leverages the SugarCRM framework to intelligently determine which data to bring into the documents based on the metadata associated with that module. The system knows which fields are within each module, and even supports bringing in data from related modules, with support for many to many and one to many relationships.

Intellidocs allows users to create documents from any module within their CRM, whether this be an Account, Contact, Lead or custom modules and relationships  within the CRM.

Lots of Flexibility!

When setting up new documents, Intellidocs will support document templates that are created in Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint. To manage your documents, Intellidocs provides a very handy Console where you can set-up new documents, download current versions of documents to make small changes, and then upload revisions. Documents take minutes to build, with the added benefit of obeying the formatting rules you have stipulated in your template (page breaks, font formatting, colours and more).

Intellidocs also has the ability to include smart “if/then/else statements”, as well as “for loops”. ‘If/then/else’ statements provide flexibility when including conditional sections in documents, while for loops allow you to loop through related information and display this in tables in your document.

Finally, Intellidocs provides a range of useful tools such as formatting modifiers for dates and numbers. Perhaps you don’t like the formatting of a currency field as it appears from SugarCRM? No problem – just use our number modifier to format the currency the way you need.

Send documents for e-signing

Intellidocs also supports fully integrated e-Signing, with support for DocuSign, HelloSign and EchoSign out of the box. Documents can be sent electronically for signing via email, or signed in-person via tablet with the Intellidocs ‘In-Person Signing’ feature. Intellidocs captures the signing events in real time in a timeline widget within the CRM, and automatically captures the fully signed contract as a PDF back into the CRM once the process is completed. This reduces the administrative overhead of managing contracts, and ensures documents are safely archived and readily accessible.

Overall, Intellidocs provides arguably the most flexible document generation platform on the market today for the SugarCRM Platform. With lots of new features on the way, be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog on the platform.


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