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April 12, 2019 Business Technologies

Why We Love Hint by SugarCRM

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By Brainsell Editorial Team

Are you spending too much time researching your potential customers?

Do you find yourself missing out on important updates that could have led to stronger relationships or upsell opportunity with customers?

Does your CRM have incomplete data on accounts or contacts?

If the answer to any of these questions is “YES!” – then you may want to take a look at one of our favorite sales tools here at BrainSell, Hint by SugarCRM. Hint is a relationship intelligence solution that keeps you informed and up to date on all the accounts, contacts, and leads that you work with every day.

Nucleus Research found that Hint could save an average of 17 minutes of research and data entry for every call a user makes to a lead. This may not seem like a big deal, but 17 minutes per phone call can really add up. Assuming the average salesperson salary is $80k, those 17 minutes cost about 11 dollars.

Those 17 minutes and 11 dollars are better spent servicing customers and closing deals than on data entry and tedious research.

So, How Does Hint Work?

To put it simply, Hint gathers and organizes relevant account, contact, or lead data from over 50 sources in a matter of seconds. Then the results are displayed in a panel within SugarCRM. No external browsing!

The Hint panel automatically displays updated contact information, social and educational records, in-depth company profiles, updated news on the account, and a chronological activity history of all previous interactions such as meetings and calls.

Users can then import select information (or all the enriched data) from the panel into the CRM record,  with a single click.

And there you have it! A complete customer profile has now been added to your database. And the only thing users need to compile this profile is a contact name and email address.

Introducing: Hint News Section

With the introduction of the Hint News section, users gain instant access to the latest headlines, press releases, and news stories about accounts and contacts. This will help users be more proactive in nurturing leads and opportunities.

If you click any headline in the panel, Hint navigates the user to the full article. Users can also search the section newsfeed by topic or category, or perform specific searches based on keywords (i.e. acquisitions, new hires, revenue reports). With the punch of the enter key, users are connected with news sources and articles full of pertinent information on leads and opportunities.

Augment Your Research Efforts with Hint Insights Account Alerts

Hint researches any account, contact or lead record and immediately retrieves pertinent information on over 3 billion contacts worldwide. Users can leverage Hint to be more proactive in their research efforts and account management responsibilities.


Now with the introduction of Hint Insights, this powerful tool can automatically deliver information via personalized account alerts through the communication method that each user prefers.

These methods may include:

  1. A dashlet on the CRM homepage
  2. A pop-up desktop notification
  3. On-demand, daily, or weekly emails via an email digest

Insights notifications can also be streamlined and customized with the use of categories (i.e. finances, personal information, account press releases). By assigning categories to notification settings, you can automatically siphon information that’s most important to you at the times you need it most through your preferred channels.

The Bottom Line

With new features like the News section and Insights, Hint by SugarCRM is an even more powerful tool that it was before. It can increase your productivity, help you build better relationships with clients, and provide you and your team with better customer data. At only $15.00 a month, you could find this technology pays for itself.

Contact us today to learn how HINT can improve your sales pipeline!


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