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Migrating to HubSpot to Fuel Growth & Scale

How MassPay Optimized Sales, Marketing with HubSpot 

We take for granted the work – and the technology – that goes into making sure payments to employees, partners, contractors, and suppliers get where they are supposed to go. Founded in 2020, MassPay is a payout orchestration firm dedicated to optimizing this process. With MassPay’s accessible, user-friendly, customizable portal – and global payout network – businesses can ensure that all their payouts are always as smooth as possible no matter where in the world the payee is, or what payout method they prefer: bank transfer, digital wallet, credit card, cash or crypto.


Facilitating payouts to more than 175 countries in over 70 currencies (including alternative payment types and crypto), MassPay is unphased by the common complications of international monetary exchange. With their intuitive platform, they ensure clients’ payments are executed in whatever currency or method they’ve selected with the push of a button.

“In a nutshell, payout orchestration is the process of managing and streamlining your company’s global payout transactions, ensuring that payouts are accurately and efficiently transferred to payees no matter where in the world they are located or what currency they wish to be paid in. It’s a crucial aspect of any business’s financial operations and our goal is to make this manual, complex process a lot easier.”

– Chris Rechtsteiner, CMO, MassPay.

The Challenge 

MassPay has grown fast. In just 3 years, the Las Vegas-based company has become a significant player in the global payout landscape. But, with their rapid growth, comes the inevitable pains of expanding their systems, processes, and capabilities to meet it.

MassPay was no stranger to HubSpot as a vendor. Before enlisting BrainSell, their sales teams had been working with Sales Hub for some time, primarily using it as a simple repository for data. This strategy, while barely scratching the surface of the platform’s potential, worked due to the company’s size. However, as the company grew and the sales and marketing teams expanded, it became clear more strategic approaches to CRM, data, and sales processes were required. As more leads became customers and existing customers grew, details of their interactions with MassPay would get lost in the shuffle. Having a CRM as a single source of customer truth for the company became a primary goal.

“We spent a significant amount of time working backwards from that single source of truth concept. Once we figured out that we needed that single place for our data to live and be accessible from – and what it needed to include – we were able to ask ourselves ‘What do we need to do to get ourselves to that point?’”

– Chris Rechtsteiner, CMO, MassPay.

While planning for a single, catch-all solution is a simple enough goal on-paper, a total overhaul of your sales/marketing technology and processes is a fairly complicated undertaking. MassPay didn’t just need a formal CRM solution and business processes, they needed a team with expert-level knowledge and a plan to back it up.

The Solution 

After contacting BrainSell to help them prioritize their business needs and lay a blueprint for the future, MassPay determined the best course of action was to go all-in with HubSpot, starting with a revamp of how they leverage Sales Hub.

Previously, MassPay had largely been using Sales Hub as an information repository; not fully embracing some of the more useful capabilities of the platform. BrainSell’s plan included fleshing out the use of Sales Hub to leverage its automatic call logging/forwarding, reporting and analytics tools, and wider integrations with the rest of MassPay’s tech stack.

Their limited use of the Sales Hub solution was only one part of the puzzle; to successfully operate at scale, they needed to optimize their use of Sales Hub while also adopting the larger suite of HubSpot’s services, namely Marketing Hub. This process gave MassPay perspective on the importance of lists. Being an integral part of HubSpot’s DNA, these lists empowered team members with a new way to view, analyze, and act on data.

To close the gaps in the sales pipeline, MassPay integrated HubSpot with all their communication processes: emails, meetings, phone calls, etc. By doing something as simple as leveraging this core capability of HubSpot, MassPay was able to ensure that the entirety of their organization was never wanting information regarding a prospect or customer, no matter the state or stage of the relationship.

The Results 

In the weeks and months since MassPay’s overhaul of their marketing and sales technology, they’ve seen a dramatic improvement in their efficiency during their day-to-day operations. Lead conversion rates improved to a dramatic 63% conversion from MQLs to SQLs. The clarity of their data visibility alone has sped up their ability to react to information in meetings and generate meaningful strategies. Despite the outward simplicity of optimizing their use of Sales Hub and adopting Marketing Hub, the team saw immediate revenue increases that enabled them to break even months ahead of schedule.

“I wish there was a more in-depth answer because those are sort of the “101” things that HubSpot does. But the truth of the matter is that when you connect to them and you use them to the fullest potential, you get to see some significant benefits. Now that we’re fully committing to it, we’re seeing those benefits.”

– Chris Rechtsteiner, CMO, MassPay.

The Impact

Ultimately, the move toward a more holistic approach to HubSpot has enabled MassPay to continue their rapid growth trajectory. In the months since they updated their CRM strategies, they’ve seen significant improvements in their ability to smoothly carry leads through the sales pipeline, their ability to act on data, and have a cohesive vision of their sales and marketing efforts across the entirety of the company.

“In any CRM you only get out what you put into it. The reason why people say CRM implementation projects fail is because they don’t fully put themselves into the process. They basically just use it as a repository of data and that’s why it fails. We rejected that model, and we used it to create an environment that reflects our business.”

– Chris Rechtsteiner, CMO, MassPay.

When looking to the future, MassPay is heavily considering continuing their relationships with BrainSell with the intention of revamping their website to integrate even better with their new HubSpot solutions.

“The key thing has been building the relationship with the team. Having people at BrainSell who understand who we are and what we’re trying to do. They recognize that, even though we have a plan from steps A-Z, the order of those letters is going to change. That’s the nature of these types of projects. But because we sat down and thought about what the objectives were ahead of time, we were all on the same page. And those unexpected 11th hour changes don’t impact us. They are part of the expected course of action.”

– Chris Rechtsteiner, CMO, MassPay.

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