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Migrating to HubSpot to Fuel Growth & Scale

How The Hideout Streamlined Business Process, Insights with HubSpot

The Hideout Golf Club & Resort is a personal, 1,400-acre golf resort community in Central Texas. The resort’s natural beauty in the heart of the Lone Star State makes The Hideout a perfect destination for watching the sunrise as you sip on your morning coffee, enjoying the great outdoors on a family vacation, or listening to live music under twinkling lights. 

Located along the shores of Lake Brownwood, the landscape is painted with wild bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, and Black-Eyed Susans. Tranquil lakes mirror the bright, clear skies above, inviting you to wade in and enjoy. And just a short drive away are the best Texas Hill Country wineries, small-town charm, and big-time fun. 

The Challenge 

The Hideout had grown considerably since opening its golf course in 2008. The company now offers real estate options for potential homebuyers, hotel lodging for visiting tourists, event space for weddings and other celebrations, and everything that comes with resort-level visitor experiences. 

As the company grew, it was clear that BuilderCMS — the company’s prior CRM — was not pulling its weight. The system was designed for real estate companies, which ultimately limited the effectiveness of The Hideout as the company grew. Along with that, the company also began implementing other solutions to operate the business, such as inventory management for real estate lots, a newly upgraded hospitality system, and the company’s phone system to tie calls to lead records. Unfortunately, there were several limitations to integrating all the systems, which made reporting across all systems costly and tedious for The Hideout employees. 

The company needed a solution that was more streamlined and communicate with all the other systems used throughout the business. With that holistic visibility into the company, The Hideout team would be able to share data amongst systems, empowering the entire organization with the data necessary to make strategic decisions that continue to fuel growth. 

“We needed something that would be streamlined, we hated that we had all these different systems for our inventory, CRM, phones, and none of them could communicate with each other. We knew we didn’t want to go back to our old CRM. We did our research to see what other options there were, and our top choice was HubSpot.”

– Noah Marlin, Sales Office Manager, The Hideout

The Solution 

Knowing that its prior CRM could not meet expectations, The Hideout team began researching potential alternatives to give them the tools needed to grow and scale the business. The main contender that caught their eye was HubSpot, which offers all the tools and integrations they need for marketing, sales, and customer service.  

However, The Hideout’s journey with HubSpot began with initial turbulence. The company chose to work with a third-party vendor based on costs of services, but the implementation took roughly four months due to a lack of a clear game plan from the initial implementors.

Rather than revert to their prior platform, the Hideout team decided to take one more shot with HubSpot, this time partnering with BrainSell on the implementation. Starting from scratch, BrainSell helped The Hideout stand up HubSpot correctly and on time.  

With projects as extensive as a CRM migration to HubSpot, BrainSell breaks it down into four key steps of success: 

  1. Gather: We seek to understand the clients’ pain points or constraints to their company’s growth. We conduct several interviews with key stakeholders in every department of the business. These interviews help garner key insights into how the business operates and what needs to improve to accomplish their goals. 
  2. Review: We provide education, knowledge, and a roadmap on all the possible opportunities clients have available to address their needs. Before any work is done, we ensure clients understand what will happen to their tech stack and how to use it effectively moving forward through appropriate training, documentation, and support. 
  3. Optimize: BrainSell handles the heavy lifting of implementing the solution and connecting all the business applications to streamline data flows and uncover key insights to help clients make strategic decisions. 
  4. Win: Once the initial goal is reached, we begin leveraging data to identify new areas for success to continue the clients’ growth. 

“In our old CRM, nothing was up to date. But with HubSpot, everything is accurate. When we had to put the data together manually with spreadsheets, there was no way we could get through it all. Now, if I needed to find out how many lots are in our inventory or information about a customer, I know I can depend on our data within HubSpot.”

– Noah Marlin, Sales Office Manager, The Hideout

The Results 

After a week onsite and a month of additional preparation, The Hideout now has a foundation to build a complete tech stack that works together and helps the business reach its goals. Now, all the company’s data is easily accessible to its employees and synched with all the other technology used by the team. With this data and simple accessibility, employees can gain a holistic view of the business and how prospective customers engage with them.  

More importantly, The Hideout team can rest assured that the data they pull is the most accurate data available. With that accurate insight, The Hideout team can make more accurate and strategic decisions based on information they can trust.  

Furthermore, HubSpot helped The Hideout streamline communications between all the key pieces of software in its tech stack. That meant the company could easily access phone call information, inventory, and hospitality data within its CRM to gain a deep understanding of the customer’s relationship with the brand.  

Our daily tasks, weekly reporting, and overall efficiency has increased since transitioning to HubSpot. Keeping track of leads, their activities and information is very helpful and has made keeping up with a client’s history much simpler. Overall, the switch was nothing but beneficial and we look forward to the new year after having set the groundwork this past year.”

– Noah Marlin, Sales Office Manager, The Hideout

The Impact

Migrating to HubSpot has had a massive impact on operations at The Hideout. Primarily, having a streamlined CRM positions the company’s employees to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. More importantly, it is much easier for The Hideout employees to do their jobs. 

Ultimately, the migration to HubSpot Sales Hub positively impacted the company’s budget. Moving to HubSpot meant that The Hideout would no longer waste money on intensive, complicated data integrations for its old CRM. Everything works how it’s supposed to, with simple tweaks and personalized components to make the platform work best for them. 

“We now have stronger reporting not just for our sales data, but for everything from our phone calls, engagement with the website, and more. It’s exactly what we needed.”

– Noah Marlin, Sales Office Manager, The Hideout

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