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The One Thing Higher Education Brands Need to Fuel Better Employee, Student Support

We at BrainSell are truly proud of all our customers, but one that has stood out recently is the University of Louisville. The university’s Business Operations unit — made up of the Customer Service and Quality Improvement, transactional Human Resources, and transactional Finance teams — delivers an innovative approach to the key processes and transactional systems that allow it to conduct administrative and business actions throughout the year.

However, this wasn’t always the case. Service and support tasks used to be handled manually until the university found the one thing that it needed to better service its students and professors.

The answer: Structuring its customer service processes, people, and technology around the power of data.

Check out our latest in-depth case study, in which we gain a behind-the-scenes look into how the University of Louisville went from handling all customer support out of one email account, to a streamlined solution where customer support is fueled by data and automated to prevent any friction.

View the case study or click the image below! 

University of Louisville Zendesk Case Study

Want to learn more about what we do for customers? Check out our Customer Success page and for case studies, testimonials, and more!

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