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How Expert Support Can Increase Efficiency and Increase Deals Closed

The overwhelming majority of CRM implementations fail out of the gate. Mostly because organizations don’t have a firm grasp of the software and a plan for implementation. It pays to have experts in your corner.

This is especially important in organizations like the University of California Santa Cruz’s Silicon Valley Extension, where the marketing and communication team is responsible for reaching out to both inbound and returning students. In such an environment, a CRM is critically important, and implementing one properly can be the difference between months of additional headache or a productivity boom.

But sometimes, just implementing the software successfully isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need a little extra support from experts to give your team the running start they need to really get the bigger picture and start things off with a bang. That’s where we come in.

Check out our latest case study to learn how BrainSell helped UCSC Silicon Valley not only implement HubSpot but become bona fide experts with it so they could expand and improve thier operations! You view the case study here or click on the image below!

Want to learn more about what we do for customers? Check out our Customer Success page and for case studies, testimonials, and more!

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