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Jim Ward

Scaling Your Business With Cloud ERP

March 26, 2024 | 9:00 am
Episode 36

Featuring: John Case, CEO, Acumatica 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the most important tools your company has at its disposal. But finding an option that scales with your business over time can prove challenging, and scaling with a cloud ERP is, for some, unheard of.

During this episode of the Growth Enablement Madness podcast, our host, Jim Ward, sits down with Acumatica CEO John Case to talk about how companies are growing and scaling with cloud-based ERP. They discuss how Acumatica is transforming the ERP space with security, scalability, and accessibility, and how you can scale your business with cloud-based ERP. 

Listen in to learn about how:

  • Acumatica can help customers reduce inventory levels and orders through better data-driven predictability, saving 10-20% of costs.
  • Acumatica allows deep customization while still providing a modern user experience through its regular product releases and integration capabilities.
  • AI and automation can improve ERP systems but won’t fully replace personalization and configuration needs for unique businesses.
  • Acumatica’s upcoming releases will feature a new user interface and improved Amazon integration capabilities to help scale your business with the cloud-based ERP.


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