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Sugar Sell HubSpot Integration

Sugar Sell HubSpot Integration

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Sugar Sell integration with HubSpot's marketing automation platform.

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Connect your marketing and sales systems!

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This integration brings the vital HubSpot data and features to SugarCRM to help you automate your sales and marketing.

The marketing team sends better-qualified leads to the sales team, sales reps spend more time selling, and companies can improve customer retention.

When leads convert through HubSpot forms and landing pages, the integration searches CRM for an existing target, lead, account or opportunity with a matching HS id or email.

If no match is found, a new entry is inserted from SugarCRM, based on the lifecycle of the HubspotContact. If the search returns a matching record, the existing record in SugarCRM is updated with the mapped HubSpot fields.

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