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May 19, 2022 Business Technologies

Digital Transformation Playbook: Your Technology

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By Brainsell Editorial Team

Blueprinting Your Digital Transformation is Essential for Success

The big talking point of most digital transformation initiatives is adopting new technology that supports your employees’ needs. However, the software/SaaS boom has made it easier than ever to buy and use technology, which means process and proper adoption are often overlooked. 

As part of that business process redesign we discussed in the last blog of this series, you will uncover areas that can be used for improvement. These areas are where technology comes into play to help streamline and simplify how your employees work.  

More importantly, blueprinting your technology can help you build a tight tech stack to empower and embolden your team. Ultimately, a solution blueprint ensures your technology fills the gaps in your redesigned business processes. 

So how do we make sure that the tech works for you and not the other way around? Read on to learn how you can better position your team for success with new technology. 

What is a Solution Blueprint?

Some companies believe that new technologies are so intuitive that they can be implemented with little planning. But this almost always guarantees failure from the start; there is ultimately no time set aside for consultation or consideration of end-user needs and goals.  

That lack of planning can lead to new software implementations only helping one department or a few employees, making the tool seem less applicable outside that part of the business and potentially hamstring any progress in implementing your blueprint process redesign. 

A solution blueprint is a roadmap for success. It includes an analysis of your organization’s people, processes, and technologies to ensure seamless implementation with the end goal of truly delivering on expectations. 

How to Assess Tech for Your Business

One often-overlooked task when assessing new technologies is being forward-thinking in the vetting process. You want to find technology that can address your current needs, but you also want that technology to scale as your company grows.  

The technologies you are considering should fit into your new business process redesign and the systems you plan to keep in place — work culture, management style, etcetera — so as not to disrupt anything but instead add value for everyone involved! 

Furthermore, when you’re trying to streamline your business operations, it’s crucial that any new technology can easily connect and integrate with the existing system. This way, data will flow seamlessly throughout all systems in near-real-time, so nothing falls behind or gets lost! It’s the data that fuels your growing business, so anything that hinders your ability to gain accurate insights from your data is counterproductive.

How to Get Started on Your Digital Transformation

You don’t need to take your digital transformation journey alone! Having a partner who knows what they are doing can help streamline moving towards digital transformation and avoid becoming one of the 83% of companies that fail. That’s exactly what we are here for. 

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions. Reach out to us, and our team of growth enablement experts can share first-hand experience of what it truly takes to digitally transform your business right from the start. 

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