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October 27, 2020 Business Technologies

How to Connect Outreach and Sugar Sell CRM

By Heather Mellinger is one of the most valuable Business Development tools on the market. With its ability to easily create different sequences, target certain profiles or industries, and customizable fields, it’s one of the most foolproof ways to nurture inbound and outbound leads down the sales funnel.

SugarCRM‘s Sugar Sell is one of the leading CRM tools on the market today. So when we discovered Outreach, we knew we had to create an integration for salespeople to seamlessly sync their customers with their business development platform.

If you’re ready to sync your sales data with your Outreach platform, this how-to is for you!

Step One: Install the Integration

If you haven’t yet, purchase and download the Outreach-Sugar integration from Sugar Outfitters. Then follow these steps:

  1. Download the plugin from Sugar Outfitter, a zip file will be downloaded.
  2. The public key will be received on successful download and payment.
  3. Navigate to SugarCRM Administration.
  4. Go to Module Loader.
  5. Upload the downloaded .zip file.
  6. You will then be prompted to enter the key received in step 2.
  7. Validate the key from the above step.
  8. Upon successful validation, the package will be installed!

Step Two: Configure the integration

  1. Enter the values in the “Outreach Key Details” section fields

Client ID: Id provided by Outreach support.

Client Secret: Id provided by Outreach support.

Redirect URI: Enter as https://www.<YourCompanyName>.com/oauth/outreach if you haven’t registered your company redirect URI use ours (

Outreach-Sugar Configuration

2. Click the “Setup Outreach” button at the top of the page to open the Outreach login page in a new tab.

set up outreach

3. Enter your Outreach username and password to login to Outreach and display the Authorization page will look like the following screenshot. There will be a popup, scroll down and click “Authorize”.

*You will be redirected to another page – do not close the tab. You will need the code in the URL.*

Outreach Code

4. Copy the code after the “=” (do not copy the “=”!)

5. Paste the copied code into the “Outreach Code” field in the “Outreach Key Details” section page. Enter your email in the Primary Email field.

outreach key details

6. Click “save”.

Upon successful connection to Outreach Access token andRefresh token fields will be auto populated as shown in the screenshot below. Congratulations! You have successfully connected SugarCRM to Outreach account.

Syncing Your Data

This last step in the initial connection process allows for the syncing of data from Outreach to SugarCRM. Whenever information in Outreach is added or updated, SugarCRM is notified and updated via a webhook.

  1. Navigate to the Outreach section on the SugarCRM Administration page
  2. Click on the “Validate Keys” link
  3. Click on the “Setup Outreach Webhook” button as seen below.

setup outreach webhook

Scroll down to see the Outreach Webhook Details section. If the Webhook ID field is populated (as shown below), setup is complete.

connected webhook

Note: If you want to manage records in Outreach and not have them sync to SugarCRM, you can also disable the webhook by clicking the “Delete” button.

Customizable Fields

After the successful connection between SugarCRM and Outreach, the SugarCRM administrator needs to map which SugarCRM fields in each module will sync with Outreach.
outreach configuration
  1. Navigate to the SugarCRM Administration panel
  2. In the Outreach section, click on the “Configure Sync Fields” link to display the field configuration page.

The configuration page will display all available fields for mapping by module:

  1. Module: Select the module from the dropdown field on the top left, to see the available fields in that module to map.
  2. Sync Enabled?: Select “Yes” in the dropdown if you want to sync records in the selected module.
  3. Outreach Fields: The list of Outreach fields available for mapping with SugarCRM fields in the selected module is listed. If there are fields in the SugarCRM module that do not exist in Outreach, you may be able to map them to a custom field.
  4. SugarCRM Fields: Select the SugarCRM field in that module from the SugarCRM dropdown list that corresponds to the Outreach field you wish to sync with.
  5. Sync Direction: This provides the option, by field, to select whether to sync from Sugar to Outreach, from Outreach to Sugar, or bidirectionally.

field sync outreach

4.Click on the “Save” button to save the mapping.

Outreach-Sugar Integration Limitations

The Outreach API has a few limitations. This means that there is some information in Outreach that will not be available in SugarCRM.


The following information will not be available in Sugar for Emails object:
  • Emails archived from Outreach will not display the From or To fields –this includes CC and BCC.


The following information will not be available in Sugar Sell for Calls object:

  • Calls created in Outreach cannot be scheduled for a set time.
  • Call status in Outreach cannot be customized.


Currently, there is no API so the meetings module cannot be synced.


“Company Name” field in Outreach prospect cannot be filled from the “Account Name” text field in SugarCRM with API.

Custom Fields in Outreach

Custom fields can only be created for Prospects, Accounts, and Opportunities in Outreach.


We hope this was helpful to get started on syncing your Outreach with SugarCRM. As always, if you have any additional questions or need advice, contact us! We are here to help.

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