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September 23, 2014 Business Technologies

Salesforce vs Infor CRM (SalesLogix) Comparison

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By Sonja Fridell

Updated January 4, 2016 —

Versus Salesforce, Infor CRM has taken a different pathway to become one of the most popular CRM platforms around. Infor CRM was created when Infor purchased SalesLogix, one of the most popular CRM platforms in the industry. when Infor purchased SalesLogix and renamed it Infor CRM, they pumped a whole bunch of resources and money into the product. As it stands now, Infor CRM is a much more solid platform than SalesLogix was, and thus gives Salesforce a run for it’s money. For a full comparison between Salesforce and Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix), download our comparison guide for both software platforms.

Both CRM systems provide excellent mobile and traaditional sales capabilities. Both Infor CRM and Salesforce provide easy-to-use and adopt interfaces. Even sales teams without technologically saavy individuals are willing to use and adopt Infor and Salesforce.


Salesforce has been around for almost 15 years and is cloud only, so if you’re looking for a similar solution that allows for an on-premise option, Infor CRM is a better fit. In 2014, Infor purchased Saleslogix and renamed the product Infor CRM. Users can choose to operate Infor CRM on-premise just as easily as they could in the cloud — something Salesforce lacks.

Comparing Infor to Salesforce, of course there will be some differences. In that same tone, there is a tremendous amount of similarities between the two CRMs. Be sure to download the full white paper below. Data storage and product functionality are some of the key differences in the products.


Verticals where Infor CRM is a good fit vs. Salesforce (the industry standard) –

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Field / mobile-sales heavy companies
  • Companies where user adoption is a challenge
  • On-premise installations
  • Outlook users (Infor has a very strong integration)

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